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Update (05-Mar-2014) - Since after SCN migration to the new platform, the code formatting is gone. Please visit - SALV Table 10 – Editable SALV Model (Overcome the restriction of SALV Model) (outside SCN) for a formatted version.


We all know that ABAP Object is very powerful over the classical ABAP. Here I want to share one of my best experiments with the ABAP objects to overcome the restrictions of SALV mdoel.


I was reading the help on the CL_SALV_TABLE to get more insight of how to use this new SALV model effectively. When I came across the section Recommendation and Restriction, I was amazed by reading "Tables displayed with ALV are not ready for input".


It was very hard for me to understand this restriction because: The new SALV model is unified object oriented model which has kind of wrapper classes which are ultimately calling the FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY or REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY; class GL_GUI_ALV_GRID and so on. So, if the ALV created with the CL_GUI_ALV_GRID can be ready for input, why can’t the ALV created with the SALV model be the "Ready for input"? This propelled me to analyze how we can make the ALV Full-screen as "Set ready for Input".


Journey to find the solution
By putting breakpoints and debugging, I came to know that when I tried to generate the fullscreen ALV, it calls the FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY and this FM in turn uses the class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID to generate the ALV.

Before couple of months, I came across a very powerful function module GET_GLOBALS_FROM_SLVC_FULLSCR which gives us the object of type GL_GUI_ALV_GRID which was created to generate the fullscreen ALV. I have used this FM in couple of programs to achieve some functionality which is not possible using the FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY. Some of them:

Basically, to achieve this type of not achievable functionality of the Fullscreen ALV, I get the object using the FM GET_GLOBALS_FROM_SLVC_FULLSCR and use the methods available in the CL_GUI_GRID_DISPLAY followed by the refresh method to refresh the ALV.


Based on the assumption - if I get the ALV object from the SALV model than I can make the SALV model ALV to "Set Ready for input" -  I have started searching the ALV object in the SALV model. At the very top node of the SALV model CL_SALV_MODEL, I got the methods (GET_GRID) which can provide me the ALV grid object.

UML diagram contains the SALV hierarchy and visibility of the R_CONTROLLER:


Class CL_SALV_MODEL has a protected attribute R_CONTROLLER which has everything I need to get to GRID object. So, I tried to access that attribute directly, but obviously I didn’t work as I didn’t have the object reference for the CL_SALV_MODEL. By this point of time, I have tried all the normal ways to get the access the R_CONTROLLER - like Feild-symbol to access the object from memory but that didn't work either.


I knew that I have to think in a different way, and I tried to inherite the class from the class CL_SALV_MODEL_LIST, passed the ALV model to the class and tried to access the R_CONTROLLER and BINGO - I am able to access the R_CONTROLLER in my inherited class.

UML Diagram shows the iherited class along with the existing SALV model:



Steps to follow:
1. Inherited a local class LCL_SALV_MODEL from the CL_SALV_MODEL_LIST
2. Generate SALV model to generate the ALV object
3. Used narrow casting to get the CL_SALV_MODEL object from the ALV object
4. Passed this CL_SALV_MODEL object to the inherited class LCL_SALV_MODEL. Since LCL_SALV_MODEL is inherited from the CL_SALV_MODEL_LIST, it allows me to access the R_CONTROLLER of the CL_SALV_MODEL.
5. Get the GRID object from the object MODEL -> Controller -> Adapter -> Grid.
6. Set the Layout for EDIT and Refresh the ALV.


When we run the report, ALV will not come directly in the input mode:

As soon as we press the "My Function" button, ALV will change into editable ALV. This ALV will have its separate GUI Status which contains all the required buttons for the Editable ALV.


Code Snippet
UML diagram for code snippet:



Here is the code, which I used to get the access of the GRID object from the SALV model and to make ALV editable. Here I have used the PF-STATUS avaliable in the report program SALV_DEMO_TABLE_EVENTS for easy installation of this demo report.


Example 2: Background Wallpaper in ALV created using SALV model
When we pass the parameter I_BACKGROUND_ID in the function module REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY, we will get the background wallpaper in the top of page section of the ALV.

SALV model uses the class CL_SALV_FORM_DYDOS to generate the TOP-OF-PAGE header from the SALV Form object (CL_SALV_FORM). CL_SALV_FORM is used to generate the Header in the SALV model.

When SALV model creates an object for the CL_SALV_FORM_DYDOS, it doesn’t pass the Wallpaper picture. Thus, we are not able to get the header background wallpaper in the SALV model.

To get the wallpaper in the header, we can use the same solution which we have used to make Editable ALV.

ALV header without wallpaper using the SALV model:


ALV header with the wallpaper using the SALV model:



Code snippet to get the header with the wallpaper:

Get the Header in the SALV:

Set the background wallpaper by accessing the GRID and TOP-of-LIST object