You might find the process of curating content and keeping track of social media news around your topics or company cumbersome. You have Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, youtube, and probably more social media channels for this year. On top of that, you have to produce monthly reports to show the conversations and share with the rest of the marketing team. This could take up days to put together all the content from different channels and Google Reader does not seem to do the job for that. Let me introduce you to 'Storify'.

Last October, SAP Community team published The New SAP Community Network: Read All About It – Weekly, with Storify around the new SAP Community Network. Each issue was curated and organized using Storify. In fact, before the team agreed to use Storify to curate the content, there were series of discussion about where we should store all these exciting news and kudos from the community members. The reason why we finally decided to go with Storify are the followings.      

1) Easy sharing capabilities

Once you create a story in Storify, your story will be published in the storify site where you can connect with other Storify users. You can also easily tweet about your story or share the shortened URL of the story on other social networking platforms. The most useful feature is that you can also post the story on your own site. Storify makes it so easy to embed the script anywhere on your blogs (e.g. Wordpress , Tumblr) and emails. After you embed it into your marketing materials, the story can be updated on the fly through Storify.  That means everywhere that the story is embedded will be automatically updated.


2) Adhoc Weekly Report

It can be quite time-consuming to go to each social media channels, capture the tweets and blog post using Snag-it to capture tweets, and put them together in slides. On the other hand, this can be done in 10 minute with Storify by drag-and-drop interface.

3) Links to various sources

In the past few months, Storify has been adding new sources to its platform so that we can easily search for conversations and drag blog links, images, videos, tweets, soundclips, and comments into the story panel. Look what sources are available below.

As many social media experts said, "This is the year of content curation", picking the right tool to speed up the curation process is fundamentally important if you are working in the social media space. Feel free to share what other tools you use to curate the content and what you think about Storify. 

On the new SCN, there are two ways that allow you to keep important contents and updates under your radar. First, you can track contents or persons in your communications area. Second, you can follow contents, spaces, or persons that you are interested in to stay updated. The difference is that you use tracking for activity you want to pay attention closely and get notified. On the other hand, you use following to listen passively to the updated activity that will show up in What’s Matter: Activity.

In this Tip in a Minute video, I explained the difference between tracking in communications and following, how to track content and person in What Matters: Communications, and how you will receive notifications on something that you track. Stay tuned for more updates on Tip in a Minute video series. I am sure you are excited as the launch of the new SCN is near.

Most of the time, you feel somewhat restricted to collaborate with other people on the current SCN platform. The only option on the current platform that allows you to work with others or crowdsource your work is to create a wiki space. However, on the new SCN, there is a feature that save lots of your precious time and enable you to collaborate with others on a document in ad hoc mode. In this Tip in a Minute video, Gail Moody-Byrd from SAP Community Marketing team demonstrates how to use the collaboration feature for your documents that you author. The video covers how to invite your friends to participate on the document, add approvers for the updates on the documents, and edit the document from the invitation.

With this collaboration feature, you can refine your content with help from your friends and increase your productivity while keeping the quality under your control. Check it out and let us know your thought in the comment below.


To follow up “8 Ways to Let You Know SCN is Listening (on Twitter)” by Sylvia Santelli, we will host an expert networking session, EXP304: “SAP Community Network and Twitter” on Tuesday, Sep 13, at 3.30pm at Lounge 7 at SAP TechEd Las Vegas. We will show you how we use Twitter as the listening and engaging channel to enhance the community experience. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions what we can do to improve your Twitter experience and to build a better SCN community on Social Media. Meanwhile, take a look at how we are listening to our community members everyday on Twitter in my SCNotties video. This is my very first video and first time to SAP TechEd so I am super excited to see you there!


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Here are the community managers behind @SAPCommnet

 Sylvia Santelli (@SylviaSant)
 Palm Norchoovech (@PalmNorch)
 Gail Moody-Byrd (@GailMoody)

If you are interested in other social media expert networking sessions, we recommend that you visit EXP226: “You on Twitter” at 1:30pm on Wednesday and EXP225: “Your Personal Brand on Social Media”  at 12.00pm on Thursday hosted by The specified item was not found. at Lounge 5.