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When ever we work with SOAP sender interfaces, to test interface end  to end we require SOAP UI or some other tools, if you have a tool in same network then it is fine else then quite difficult to get install it in client landscape(as per my exp).


This blog will cover how to publish services in Service Registry and testing using WS Navigator, next series of blogs will cover .Net,Biz Talk and SFDC integration.


How to publish  service in SR:

 After creating /developing all objects in PI (SLD, ESR and ID), publish your sender agreement in  Service Registry, right click on sender agreement and select Publish SR.



Before publishing service Interface, make sure that Service Registry configured perfectly, and then only you can publish the service.


Refer below link about Service Registry configuration

Endpoints will be published like below.




 Then Login in to Service Registry, search for you service by entering your sender agreement name.



Select your sender agreement, WSDL  URL and endpoints will be generated.



Testing interface :


Select Endpoints, you will see HTTP and HTTP’s URL .




Select Test tab, it will open WS Navigator in new window and asks for  PI user name and password.



Select Next,enter valid test data after that select Next you will see the result, if it is synchronous interface .




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