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Even if you are living under a rock, there is a fair chance that some one would have clued you in on HANA. You cannot talk to any one in SAP without HANA coming into the conversation these days.

My colleagues and I expirimented with HANA quite a bit, and I would like to share with you the details of how to set up an analytics scenario in HANA end to end. From getting data out of a source, to putting it into HANA, to making analytics/calc views on it, to reporting out of BI 4.0 tools.  Of course it is only one hour in the session - so we will focus mostly on HANA itself and less on data services and BO tools, except for the integration aspects.

If you want to read about our experience in setting this up - please check out my personal blog

Of course I am just planning to give you what I learned from my experience. I don't work for SAP, and cannot give you a lot of details on what will happen in future, and what other neat tricks exist and so on.

I am looking forward to seeing you at my session - BI 105, which is on Wednesday from 5.45PM to 6.45PM




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