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SAP Sourcing users use Internet Explorer to access Sourcing application. In this blog I am going to cover a minor, yet an important configuration that applies to Sourcing on Internet Explorer 8 and above.


If you are an Internet Explorer 8 user, there is a good chance you may have run into this issue already. Microsoft has introduced a feature in IE8 that allows sharing of the same session on multiple browser windows. This is in attempt to reduce the number of processes allocated to IE. Unfortunately, like many other web based applications this presents a problem with SAP Sourcing, as Sourcing application expects to have separate session across separate browser windows.


Often times during the development and realization phases of Sourcing implementation there is a need to be logged in as different Sourcing users with multiple IE browser windows simultaneously. For example; in one IE window you might want to login in as buyer1 and create a Master Agreement and in another window you want to login as buyer2 who is a collaborator on the Master Agreement. If you are on IE 8 or above and you are trying to do this, you may run into some very strange behavior. Once you are logged in as buyer2 on the second IE window, the same session will now be shared by the first IE window. So what this essentially means is that, buyer2’s session will be on both the IE windows. If this is not noticed, it could result in data corruption and confusion to the user.


The session handling presents a problem only when you try to login as two different buyers on the buy-side or 2 different suppliers on the supplier-side simultaneously. If you are logged in one window as a buyer and as a supplier on the other window you would not run into the issue as buy-side and supplier-side uses different servlets, fsbuyer and fsvendor respectively.


There is a simple way to stop IE from sharing the session across multiple browser windows. To do this, right click on the IE shortcut and on the target field append it with the nomerge option as shown below.


Apply the changes and hit OK.


In my case the target looks like this

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" –nomerge


I hope you found this short blog useful.