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SAP NetWeaver Administrator 7.1 is a Web-based tool for administration and monitoring, offering a single entry point to configure, administer, and monitor your SAP NetWeaver system, its components, and applications.

This lecture introduces many of the features and functionalities available within SAP NetWeaver Administrator. Some of the main features are the following:

  • A single, central tool for administration, troubleshooting, and problem analysis of your SAP NetWeaver system. You can perform administration tasks, such as starting and stopping instances, checking and modifying configuration settings, and analyzing logs and traces.
  • An easy-to-use, task-oriented interface
  • A Web-based tool, which does not need to have a local installation to manage remote systems
  • The interface allows seamless navigation to other SAP NetWeaver administration tools (e.g. User Management Engine)
  • The SAP NetWeaver Administrator represents the crossover from various expert tools to an integrated, simple, and clear solution. It also completes the integration of the data sources for monitoring.

This lecture will also cover the following areas for PI 7.1:

  • An overview of monitoring of Exchange Infrastructure using NWA
  • Understanding the architecture of WS-RM
  • An overview of monitoring WS messages in NWA
  • An overview of using webservice with point-to-point connections using Exchange Infrastructure
  • Using NWA to create and test WS provider service



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