This poll ended on Feb 5, 2014.
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Do you understand the new SCN rules of engagement?

The new Rules of Engagement were revised to make the topic of copyright clearer to members. We’d like to understand what you learned from reading them.


Which of the following statements would you consider appropriate?

To find out more about the related mission, read this blog post: Important! Rules of Engagement Updated

Poll Results
  • It’s OK to copy SAP help files and training materials and re-use them as my own posts. (2%)
  • There are many knowledgeable experts in SCN and on other sites. It’s OK to copy their postings and re-post them under my account. They should be happily surprised to see that I have republished their content. (2%)
  • I should never copy someone else’s content without first getting permission from them. (95%)
  • It’s OK for me to copy content from SCN and post it on other sites. (1%)



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