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COOIS Report Change

Surya Narayana
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Dear Friends,


There is a  BADI for the standard COOIS report. I need some clarification in this regard. Actually I need some extra columns in the COOIS report output which are not available in the standard. For example... in the order header details along with material, material description I require the Size/Dimension details (from Material master - MARA table).





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    Kumar S
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    In the order header details along with material, material description you can have size/dimension detials in extra column at COOIS itself. Go and change the layout.


    Are you speaking about this one or different one?


    Kindly check and confirm.




    Reward if useful

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    Muthusamy Sankaran
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    You can change the layout, already standard SAP tcode COOIS have many fields, just include and save it




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    Alexander Chukavin
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    Hi Surya,


    There is quite clear system documentation for ORDER_TABLES_MODIFY method of WORKORDER_INFOSYSTEM BAdI.

    In brief:

    1. Create the customer include CI_IOHEADER to structure IOHEADER with additional fields you need.

    2. In method implementation

        IMPORT ioheader_tab = local table FROM MEMORY ID 'IOC05'.


        Fill your filds in local table


       EXPORT ioheader_tab = local table TO MEMORY ID 'IOC05'.


    See note 615206 as example.




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      SC SAP Proyecto
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      Hi Alexander,


      If I understood this correctly, after implementing steps mentioned in the OSS note, transaction COOIS should stop at the break-point in the new method implementation. This is not happening to my code. Could it be because I created custom implementation in the custom package, not COIS?

      Could you please suggest some steps, how to define, where's the issue?


      Thanks in advance,


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        Rainer Schohmann
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        Hello Veronika,


        I do have the same Problem here.


        Everything was done ref. to SAP NOTEs 615176 (615206).


        The additional colums can now be selected (here some fiels from MARA) and show up in the List.


        But it looks like the program never reaches the implemented code - so the fields are not filled.


        I think that maybe I made a mistake in Step 5 of the note where you should implement COIS_WO_INFO_PREDEC1

        to BADI  WORKORDER_INFOSYSTEM with Tranaction Code SE19. Any Idea how to check the implementation?


        Is anyone out there who can help?


        Thanks in advance



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          Rainer Schohmann
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          Hello to all within this thread,


          the problem is solved - I just presented the  COOIS list for operations extended with information for material.


          In plain: The SAP Note 615176 was implemented and I used a Layout with the prefix /PRE-.... as described.

          The Problem came up that the program never reached the method 'if_ex_workorder_infosystem~order_tables_modify'.

          But that was what I expected due to the SAP Note.


          Well the SAP Note is not very clear at this point:


          If youre using a LAYOUT with prefix /PRE ...  or PRE ...you have the modify the method:  'if_ex_workorder_infosystem~tables_modify_lay'.


          If youre using a PROFILE with prefix /PRE ...  or PRE ...you have the modify the method



          Thats all - everything else is referring to the SAP note.


          Thanks and best regards - RSchohmann

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            Ravish Kumar Ojha
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            my questions are closely related to the issue discussed here.

            please find time to answer them.


            I need details on how can I configure the output of the object overview screen, which is the correct place to do this?

            I know its a standard report/transaction, but I have a z-copy of it and I need to modify the same to get the desired results.

            e.g. I want to new buttons with extra functionality to be placed in the object overview sceen.

            e.g. thers is production order list in the object overview screen and I want a new button to be placed which calls another transaction.

            where can I edit the same.

            further, I want to add some more fields to the already displayed output and those fields are not present in the COOIS and they have to extracted from other DB tables.

            how can I do this?


            I want to understand the concept of layout and profile and how are they differenet.

            e.g. If I select a profile from the given F4 help say 00000001 (standard Layout).

            this changes the result output in the object overview screen. why are these 2 different entities. i.e. layout and profile.


            Thanks & regards,


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    Sabine Trosse
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    Dear Surya,


    if you want to add additional fields in COOIS please see SAP notes 363327 and 434123, they descriped what to do.




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    Debi Ban
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    can anybody tell me the  MEMORY ID of  iomamo_tab