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Cut over activities

hanuma reddy
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Hi Sap Gurus,


Could you tell Cutover Plan & Activities in implementation.


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    Ashok Kumar Telugu
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    Cutover Activities or Master Data Uploading Strategies Depending upon the when we are going live.  As per that, you have to give the information to your core team.  If you goling live at the middle you have to upload the all P&L Account items and B/S Items.  If you going live at the financial year start, you have to only Upload the B/S Items. Activities for Golive: 


    1.   G/L Master Upload Thru BDC or LSMW (TC-Fs00 and extended one co code to another company code Fs01)

    2.   Vendor Master Upload Thru BDC Or LSMW (Will be Taken Care By MM) 

    3.   Customer Master Upload Thru BDC or LSMW (Will be Taken Care By SD) 

    4.   Asset Master Upload(Thru As90) 

    5.   Cost Element Master Upload 

    6.   Cost Center Master Upload 

    7.   Profit Center Master Upload 

    8.   G/L Balances Thru F-02 

    10. Vendor Balances thru F-43 

    11. Customer Balances thru F-22 

    12. Customer Advances thru f-29 

    13. Vendor Advances thryu F-48


    Before uploading Vendor Balances you have to take care of WHT(TDS) Information.





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    Kishore Kumar Chiluka
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    Cutover is The process of transitioning from one system to a new one

    Cut over Plan is All documentation related to planning, preparing and executing cutover, describing how to lock down the system from a technical change management perspective, preparing the the system for its new role and rolling out the SAP graphical user interface to all future end users.


    CUTOVER PLAN describes all cutover tasks that have to be performed before the actual go-live

    Examples of cutover tasks are:

    Review and update all systems-related operations procedures like backup policies and system monitoring

    Assign ownership of SAPu2019s functional processes to individuals

    Let SAP AG do a GoingLive check, to get their blessing to go live with the system

    Lock down the system, i.e. do not make any more changes to the SAP system


    Planning the Master data Migration Process is also a Cutover Task.


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    Pankaj Singh
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    Generally followed Implementation Activities:


    TO Be Phase

    As Is and To Be Documentation

    Gap Analysis


    To Be Sign Off

    Closing of Gaps as per scope

    Unit Testing


    Preparation of test cases


    Unit testing


    Changes to configuration for any errors


    Integration Testing

    Integration Testing and Test Script Documentation

    Indentification of Gap

    Priortization of Gaps which are sure stopper for Go Live

    Sign Off on Integration Testing

    Closing of remaining gaps and processes

    Basis Activities

    List of Users for User Creation

    Testing of Roles created for SMB Proejcts on ECC 5.0

    Ensure Availability of PC with SAP Front end, LAN, Printer at each required end user place at all locations

    Front End loading and Testing of SAP transactions at each locations

    Completeness of Connectivity between HO and other locations.

    Strategy for Authorization Profile, roles and User Creation

    Testing of Authorisations

    Client Copy from Dev to Quality & production / New Client Preparation

    Master Data Activities

    Preparation of Master Data

    Validation of Master Data by Bcone Team and Core Team

    Sign off on Master Data Prepared

    Preparation of LSMW for Master Data

    Preparation of BDCs for Specific Master Data

    Test Upload on Test

    Upload of Master Data in Sequence on Test

    Cutover Activities

    Communication to Vendor, Customer and Excise etc

    User Training by Core Team

    Cost Roll ups and Validations - Test

    Upload of Master Data in Sequence on Test

    Start entry of Open Sales Orders, Quotation, Enquiries, Purchase Orders in Prod

    Stock Taking Activity at Plant

    Stock Upload with SAP Material Code, Qty, Value and Storage Location as on Go-Live Date

    Enter Cash Balances as of Go-Live Dates

    Enter Excise balances as of Go-Live Dates with monthly duty payment for March

    Configure Cut off Excise Number Range (Excise Invoice, RG registers) as on Go-Live Dates

    Back up of Loaded Production Server

    Go Live

    Availability of all balances

    FI Balance uploads (For both ledgers/ subledgers/ assets/ customers/ vendors)