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Material Master view Table

Radha Krishna Madineedi
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Hi Experts,


From which table I can find the views maintained for a particular material.  For Ex. For Material M1 I have maintained Basic Data1, Basic Data2 and Purchasing Views.  In which table I can find that for Material M1 Basic Data1, Basic Data2 and Purchasing views are maintained?


Thanks in advance.

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    Kishore Kumar Chiluka
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    Check table MSTA - Material Master Status

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    vishal shelke
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    in se16 table MOFF and field STATM




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    Juergen L
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    You can see this directly in table MARA field PSTAT

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    Anilkumar Dalai
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    You can see your material master views by using following tables.


    MARA - Material Master: General data

    MAKT - Material Master: Description

    MARM - Material Master: Unit of Measure

    MAPE - Material master: Export control file 

    MARC - Material master: Plant data

    MARD - Material master: Storage location 

    MAST - Material link to BOM

    MBEW - Material valuation

    MLGN u2013 Material Master: WM Inventory

    MLGT u2013 Material Master: WM Inventory type

    MDIP - Material: MRP profiles (field contents) 

    MKOP - Consignment price segment (old versions of SAP)

    EBEW - Valuation of sales order stock

    QBEW - Valuation of project stock

    MVER u2013 Material Master: Consumption <Plant>

    DVER u2013 Material Master: Consumption <MRP Area>

    MVKE u2013 Material Master: Sales <Sales Org, Distr Ch>

    MLAN - Material Master: Tax indicator

    MARC - Material Master: Plant data

    MAPR u2013 Material Master: Forecast

    MARD u2013 Material Master: Storage Location

    MCH1 u2013 Material Master: X Plant Batches

    MCHA u2013 Material Master: Batches

    MCHB u2013 Material Master: Batch Stock

    MDMA - MRP Area data

    DBVM - MRP Planning File Entry: MRP Area

    MOFF - Outstanding Material Master Records (Maintenance status)

    MARCH - Material Master C Segment: History

    MARDH - Material Master Storage Location Segment: History

    MBEWH - Material Valuation: History

    MCHBH - Batch Stocks: History

    MKOLH - Special Stocks from Vendor: History

    MSCAH - Sales Order Stock at Vendor: History

    MSKAH - Sales Order Stock: History

    MSKUH - Special Stocks at Customer: History

    MSLBH - Special Stocks at Vendor: History

    MSPRH - Project Stock: History

    MSSAH - Total Sales Order Stocks: History

    MSSQH - Total Project Stocks: History



    How u can see......?

    Go to SE16 transaction

    Enter Table Name........

    Enter the selection Parameters...



    You will get the table entries


    Thanks & Regards

    Anilkumar Dalai