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Deski: 2-tier & 3-tier mode

raja dhanjal
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We are setting up Business Objects XI R2 primarily for Desktop Intelligence.  We will not be using WEBI or InfoView.  All users will run their reports via DESKI.  However, the one thing I am puzzled about is the 2-tier and 3-tier mode.  From my understanding 2-tier mode consists of DESKI and business objects server and 3-tier consists when InfoView comes into play.  Is this correct?  I tried running a report in 2-tier mode, by logging into the business objects server, it failed with a u201Cconnection or sql sentence error: (da00005) u2013 unable to create connectionu201D.  However, after setting up 3-tier key, by logging into InfoView and selecting new > desktop intelligence document, it created a 3-tier file: @xir2dev_dotnet.extranet in the locdata folder and I was able to run the same report against the universe.


Am I missing something?  I thought you only need the 3-tier key only if you plan on using InfoView, is this correct?  If we need to create the key, we will need the users to log into InfoView for the first time.


Any information will be greatly appreciated.




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    Tim Ziemba
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    Ok this may be easier if I list the requirements of each mode


    full deski client install is required by both 3-tier and 2-tier

    Connectivity to the CMS (6400 by default) and direct connectivity to the reporting DB(middleware installed on the client machines) is required by 2-tier

    2 tier workflow

    launch busobj.exe on client

    system has CMS name in it and optional port#

    login request is sent to CMS

    to refresh reports (middleware must be set up locally on the client) such as SQL ODBC, Oracle, DB2, etc


    Connectivity through a webserver (java:8080 or .net:80), connection server(service in the CCM/CMC that deski clients connect to) and DB connectivity(middleware installed on the server) set up on the enterprise server for 3-tier

    3 tier workflow

    launch busobj.exe on the client

    system has globe icon and .net or j2ee (IIS or tomcat typically)

    globe icon exists if .intranet file exists in C:\Documents and Settings\taz\My Documents\My Business Objects Documents\LocData on the client

    file is created when preferences in infoview are set to launch desktop intelligence and a deski doc is accessed from infoview

    file contains the URL of the .net or j2ee web server

    Busobj.exe connects via web server (wsdkbridge or something like that) to the connection server running in the CCM/CMC

    connection server works like the deski report server in querying DB for reports using middleware installed on teh enterprise server

    data is returned to client busobj.exe


    In your scenario it would seem that the reporting DB middleware is installed on the server only not the client (thus the Da00005 message).