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Cost Element Accounting

Manish M
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hi all


we have error in migo to goods issue


"Create account 600010 for 11.08.2008 as a cost element in controlling area 1000

Message no. KI280



Account 600010 is a profit and loss account. You assigned it to an object in cost accounting (for example, a cost center, order, or project).


System Response

Account 600010 in the determined controlling area 1000 must exist as a cost element on the posting date 11.08.2008.



Create account 600010 as a cost element and then repeat your posting.

Or, delete auxiliary account assignment to objects in cost accounting."



plz suggest me how do i delete auxiliary account assignment to objects in cost acccounting & where i found assignment object in cost accounting to gl account.

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    pascal cuenin
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    Check the following:


    T-code KA02, then enter the cost element 600010 and there : modify the default cost center assignment.


    Hope it's helpfull



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    Maneesh N
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    I assume that you are doing an goods issue and not MIGO. MIGO is for goods receipt.


    Are you doing an good issue to cost center or order? If yes, then this itself is a posting to cost accounting. The same cannot be done unless you use a cost element.


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    I think the cost element 600010 is created after 11.08.2009, or the 6000010 Cost element is not created on 11.08.2009, or u might


    have not created this cost element in Controlling area 1000.



    Pls check it.



    If it you have created cost element before or on 11.08.2009 under 1000 controlling area than it is right,


    if it is so, pls check the seeting in OKB9 T code,


    Check whther this cost element exsist or not in the entries, if not make neww entry give controlling area , cost element , depend upon un ur bussiness scenerio select Cost elemnt click either on


      Detail per business area/valuation area 0r Detail per profit center and give Cost center or Profit center.