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Renaming multiple files on FTP server

Rajeev Patkie
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I am having SFTP server from which I am supposed to poll files. I have writtten a shell script to get the files from the SFTP location and had this OS level command called from XI adapter.


So the shell script first gets the file from SFTP server (since XI at present doesn't support SFTP) and then adapter will poll the same.


My problem is once i am done with my SFTP get i should be able to rename the files. But it seems rename can only rename one file at a time and can't rename multiple files at a time. i tried to use wild card characters but its of no use.


had anyone done renaming multiple files at a time on the FTP server? i was trying to use ls to get hte list of files and then loop on it but don't know how to do the same.


Thanks in advance.