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Difference between MultiProvider and Infoset

Manzoor Basha
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How we can create Multiprovider and Infoset

Please taking the following example,

We have 3 infocube, one have A,B,C,D fields, second one have P,Q,R,S fields. third one have  X,Y,Z fields. How can we  create Multiprovider and Infoset (please tell me some possibilities)

and tell me the exact Difference between MultiProvider and Infoset.

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    Shambhu Kumar Gupta
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    With the given condition, you van create Multiprovider but you cant craete infoset. For infoset, you need one common field b/w infoproviders.


    To create a multiprovider:




    Diffrence b/w MP and Infoset:






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    Tharakaramarao Ganta
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    A union operation is used to combine the data from objects in a MultiProvider. Here, the system constructs the union set of the data sets involved; all the values of these data sets are combined. As a comparison: InfoSets are created using joins. These joins only combine values that appear in both tables. In contrast to a union, joins form the intersection of the tables


    A MultiProvider can consist of different combinations of the following InfoProviders: InfoCube, DataStore object, InfoObject, InfoSet, VirtualProvider, and aggregation level.




    You can include any DataStore object, InfoCube or InfoObject of type Characteristic with Master Data in a join. A join can contain objects of the same object type, or objects of different object types. You can include individual objects in a join as many times as you want. Join conditions (equal join condition) connect the objects in a join to one another . A join condition specifies the combination of individual object records included in the results set.






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      Manzoor Basha
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      Please explain the Difference between MultiProvider and Infoset with the example which I have provided it ?

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        Vishwanath H.E
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        If you say fields that does not help, you need to say type of InfoObject , like Char or KF.


        Say you have A B C characters in 2 infocube and D E F and  G H I  KFs in these infocubes, then if you create the MP you can create a query to show  characters A B C and KFs D E F G H I. The value in query will be in single rows.


        if you have different Characters in 2 infocubes then query shows multiple rows for each characters wrt KFs.


        Multiprovider is a union joint.


        Infosets are the joining the 2 tables with the Key fields. if the 2 tables key fields values are same then the data are shown for all the fields of the 2 tables.




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        Debjani Das
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        1) A Multiprovider can be built on basic InfoCubes, ODSs, info objects or Infosets. An Infoset can have only ODSs or info objects. Multiproviders use 'union' operation but Infosets use 'join'. Both the objects are logical definitions which don't store any data.


        2)Multiprovider works on the concept of union of all infoproviders but the info set works on the concept of

        intersection of the data in the fields available in the different infoproviders.


        3)Multiprovider is 3dim in this infoobject, ods and infocube included.it will works on union concept.

        Infoset are 2dim in this infoobject and Ods included. it will works on intersection concept.


        in BI7 infocubes also included in Infosets.


        info cube is 3 dimention data target.


        ex:  MULTIPROVIDER


        DS Object Sales:                                                                     


        MONTH   SALES_PERSON   SOLD_ITEMS                



        04.2005      A                         10                                   

        05.2005      A                          15                                 


        DS Object Delivery


        MONTH      DEL_PERSON         DELIVERED 


        04.2005                  C                         10

        04.2005                   D                          10









        04.2005               A                          10                     HASH(SYM)             0

        04.2005              HASH(SYM)            0                       C                           10

        05.2005              A                            15                     HASH(SYM)            0

        05.2005              HASH(SYM)             0                      D                            10





        INFOSET :


        MONTH   SALES_PERSON   SOLD_ITEMS                 



        04.2005        A                         10                                

        04.2005        B                          20                               

        05.2005        A                          15                               

        05.2005        B                          30                               

        05.2005        B                          35



        MONTH      DEL_PERSON         DELIVERED     


        04.2005        C                             10

        04.2005        D                              10

        05.2005        E                              10

        05.2005        F                               30







        MONTH   SALES_PERSON   SOLD_ITEMS     DEL_PERSON         DELIVERED                                                             



        04.2005       A                         10                       C                              10

        04.2005       B                          20                      D                               10

        05.2005       A                          15                      E                                10

        05.2005       B                           30                     F                               30

        06.2005       B                           35                     ???                           ???





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    venkata Lakshmi
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    May i know the output difference between multiprovider and info set

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    Multiprovider is a union of two subset.

    Infoset is a intersection of two subset (dependent on join).


    If you need all the values in report use multiprovider. If you need values that are common in two objects use Info Set.


    Performance is beeter in mutiprovider in compare to Info set (which are very slow while reporting).




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