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Link Payment To Invoice in SAP B1 2007A

ratna rs
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Hi All,


I have a case like this :


Customer A have deposit $1000 without any sales order.

In SBO we entry that transaction as Incoming Payments from Customer A with Payment On Account $1000.



After one month, customer A want to buy items from our company $400

we enter that transaction as Sales Order, Delivery Order and AR Invoice to Customer A $400.


If we want to link the Payments $1000 and the AR Invoice $400, so the outstanding deposit is $600.

The Question is : In SAP B1 2007a, how to entry the transaction?.If we entry it as reconciliation, we need to entry adjustment jurnal to balance $1000 and $400.

In SAP B1 2005. there is Link Payments to Invoice Menu, so we can link the payment on account to Invoice. But in SAP B1 2007a I can't found it.


Anybody know how to resolve the case in SAP B1 2007?

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    Sridharan T
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    It is a behavior change in 2007 version and the Link Invoice to Payment is no longer available.

    In order to link payment on account and invoices, we need to do it in internal reconciliation window.


    Check these threads for further references


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      Jimmy Michael
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      The internal reconciliation feature in B1 2007A can't do what Ratna want.

      Try to test this example:

      - Customer transfers 10,000 USD for pay their invoices in the future.

      Cashier will use incoming payment --> tick payment on account and input 10,000 USD. then she uses bank transfer account as payment.

      The journal is :

      Cr. A/R account 10,000 USD

      Dr. Bank transfer 10, 000 USD


      - Customer purchased a certain item and then an invoice created for the customer. This invoice directly reduces the deposit on the customer A/R account to be 9,000 USD. The journal is a standard invoice journal but the balance due of the customer still exists. It means that there is no system reconciled yet.


      - To reconcile, open reconciliation form under Business partner --> internal reconciliation. Tick the open invoice and using the adjustment, select create journal entry and then select the bank transfer account and then add the journal entry. After that, reconciliation is made. It will make the customer deposit become 10,000 USD again. if both are reconciled (1st incoming payment  and the invoice) by creating a journal entry, it will debit the customer A/R account and credit bank transfer account. The result after reconciled is zero account balance of the customer. Does it means that the customer still have the deposit ? I am sure it won't.




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        ratna rs
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        Hi All,


        Thank U for your Suggestions, I think Link Invoice to Payment in SAP 2005 can be replaced by Partial Internal Reconciliation (Business Partner >> Internal Reconciliation), but I agree with Rajh, if there are 50-100 invoices to reconcile, I think it is difficult to tick one by one.

        I think Allenu2019s Suggestion is right for case 1, for case 2 (if your AR Invoice like $600 is less than the Payment on Account like $1000), I think in some company, we canu2019t wait until customer has 2nd payment or 2 nd Invoice to link the 1st invoice to the Payment on Account. But in some company, may be they will link the invoices to payment on account in end of month, if there are 50-100 Invoices to link, it is difficult to tick one by one.



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          Allen Tsao
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          Hello, Ratna,


          If your "tick one by one" means one by one document, then that's really take time to do the job for accountant.

          You can try Automatic for multiple BPs, or Semi-Automatic per BP  -- you can execute this task when your customer balance is zero or periodically -- to ticking all/multiple documents in one time, i.e. "Tick all customers or one customer" .  

          Same as external reconciliation.  But I don't know how to upload Bank statement into SAP for mapping currently !?


          ~ Michelle

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            ratna rs
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            Dear Allen,


            Thank U for the suggestions. we can use automatic reconciliation when the customer balance is zero.

            But in my case, the customers always pay for deposit before make transaction, and after one invoice, they must reconcile the invoice and the deposit although the balance is not zero, so i think they must tick the invoice and the payment on account manually, and they don't mind about that.


            Thank U

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    Preety Goel
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    Further to the reply above, In 2007 A you can right click on any document and select "Applied transactions" to find out the linked documents.



    Preety Goel

    SAP Business One Product Support.

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    Jitin Chawla
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    The system behavior has changed in 2007 A version. You correctly noticed that the "link invoices to payments" functionality has been removed.


    Now you have to reconcile the documents and payments internally.


    Please go to Business Partners -> Internal Reconciliations->

    Reconciliation -> Select the Business partner and press reconcile.


    A window will appear with open documents. You can select the payments and invoices. You can also change amounts to reconcile to adjust so that the reconciliation balances. And then reconcile.


    Once the reconciliation is performed, you can go to incoming payments -> right click the mouse and see the applied transactions to see the invoices it was linked to.


    Hope it helps.




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    Suda Sampath
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    As Jitin has explained using the Internal Reconciliation function you could apply part of the $1000 to the $400 Invoice.


    You chose the BP whose account you would like to reconcile from Business Partners > Internal Reconciliations > Reconciliation


    On the Internal Reconciliation window check the SELECTED check box for the Receipt line with $1000 and the Invoice with $400


    Change the amount in the Amount to Reconcile column of the Receipt line to $400


    Now as the two amount match..Click Reconcile


    Please take a look https://websmp105.sap-ag.de/~form/sapnet?_FRAME=CONTAINER&_OBJECT=011000358700000383612007E

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      rajh khumar
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      Hi Ratna,


      What Suda suggested is correct for 1-10 invoice but if there are 50-100 invoices a day to reconcile, I think it is impossible to tick one by one. So, I think it is not realistic that SAP eliminated the feature link invoice to payment. Please SAP, give the feature again in your enhancement package of SAP B1 2007




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        Allen Tsao
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        Hi, Ratna and Rajh, and ...,


        I think you guys have a mis-understanding for SAP 2007 or 2005.

        It really works under SAP 2007 and 2005, the procedure is :

        1. Incoming Payment - Customer:   click Payment on Account and entried amount like $500, and payment means like Bank Transfer: $500..  done this cash receipt.

        2. AR Invoice for this customer added, $600.

        3. Incoming Payment - Customer:  you will see the 2 records show up  $600 and $-400; and suppose you got 2nd receipt $100;   so you'll choose $600 but update amount as$500, and choose $-400, then click Payment Means like Bank Transfer $100.  done this 2nd receipt.

        So it works under Incoming payment and don't need to involve internal reconciliation.


        But in another case if your AR Invoice like $600 is less than the Payment on Account like $1000. Then you can't do Incoming Payment , because the function not allowed any receipt equal or less than '0'. You can wait until customer has 2nd payment.   Or,  go ahead to manual reconcile it under Internal Reconciliation.


        As Internal Reconciliation, you can also reconcile AR invoice partially or fully with stand-alone credit memo, discount, GL adjustment entry ...etc.


        This should be clear for your discussion on this subject.