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types of data in SAP MM

katrina mohanty
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what is transaction data,classification data and configuration data.how can we know whether they belong to the above said group.

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    Priyanka Paltanwale
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    Transaction data that can be exchanged with the optimization system includes:


    planned orders

    production orders/process orders

    stock/requirements list

    run schedule headers

    warehouse stock

    production campaigns


    The configuration data for the Integration Engine is client-specific. This means that you can configure multiple business systems in different ways in one SAP system. There are two types of configuration data:


    ●     Global configuration data


    You use the global configuration data to define the role of your current business system.


    You can load the global configuration data from the System Landscape Directory, if it is already maintained there. You can also define a configuration locally, for example for test purposes, using configuration data that differs from that in the System Landscape Directory (SLD). You can Check this configuration at any time and compare it with the data in the SLD.


    ●     Specific configuration data


    You use the specific configuration data to define parameters, which you use to configure your business system.


    Classification data is only relevant to configurable BOMs (variant configuration). You can only maintain classification data in the BOM item dataset for configurable BOMs.


    Classification Data for a BOM Item

    In variant configuration, you can use classification data as a selection condition. The system uses this selection condition to select the precise item that is required to produce a specific variant. For example, the system selects RED_COACHWORK for the variant RED_CAR.


    You can use classification data as a selection condition for material components and documents. You can only maintain classification data for items of the following object types:


    ·        Material (for example, stock item)


    ·        Document (for example, document item)


    You maintain the following classification data in the BOM item:


    ·        Class type


    ·        Classification as selection condition indicator







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