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What is ARE1, ARE2 and ARE3 in CIN?

swamy kumar
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Can any one explain me what is ARE1, ARE2 and ARE3 in CIN?

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    Amit Yadav
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    R/3 allows 3 types of exports

    1.Export under bond

    2.Export under claim for rebate

    3.Deemed exports


    Let us analyse only case 1 and 3 here....


    Export under bond:


    Each excise bond only covers a limited amount of basic excise duty ,the bond value. Every time we post an ARE-1 document the system reduces the bond balance automatically. Please note that excise bonds should be assigned to ARE-1.


    Following is the processflow involved in ARE-1

    1.Receive the excise bond forrm Govt, enter that in system

    2.Receive sales order from customer

    3.Created delivery and excise invoice(type:export under bond)

    4.Excise clerk creates ARE-1 doc,calls the local excise offier to check the goods

    5.Excise officer check the goods against ARE-1 and fillout a part of form

    6.Clerk posts ARE-1 and exise officer will sign in that

    7.Shipping dept ship the goods and before it leaves the country customs will check the goods

    8.Customs will check the ARE-1 and will fill out part b of ARE-1

    9.Clerk receives and update ARE-1 send it back to excise officer he will send the excise clerk a final confirmation

    10.Excise clerk will close ARE-1


    Deemed Export:


    We can ship deemed export to ANY customer who is in possesion of Deemed export licence without paying any basic excise duty,but only when the goods are accompanied by an ARE-3 doc. For this in R/3 we have to enter the CUSTOMERS DEEMED EXPORT LICENCE.Please note that we can issue an ARE-3 only with respect to a customer deemed licence and its should be assigned to ARE-3


    All the procees steps involved in ARE-1 are same here to except that customer warehouse person receives the goods ,fills out the part b of ARE-3 doc and send it back to the excise clerk...


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    Sandeep Bhowmick
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    Hi Swamy


    ARE 1 is for Export

    ARE 3 is for Deemed Export

    There is no ARE 2


    For details please see the help.sap.com--> under  export under excise regulation you will find all the details of ARE 1 and ARE3


    you will find all the details of Exports Scenario

    1. Export under bond

    2. Export under no bond(export under claim for rebate) etc




    Sandeep Bhowmick

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    Dear Swamy Kumar,


    Actually, Manufacuting plants are entitled not to pay any excise duty ,as long as the goods are accompanied by an ARE document.R/3 system Handles ARE docs and other permitted docs like export bonds and deemed export licences.


    Please check the given below link::




    with regards



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    swamy kumar
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    I resolved it. Thanks for your valuable inputs.