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Import procedure -step by step

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Dear all,


can anybody explain total import procedure along with miro and migo with total account postings of excise n customs duty?

Full points assured..

thanks in advance.

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    Kiran. V
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    A] How to Creating Import vendor

    B] Creating customs vendor


    These two steps can be performed via tcode XK01.


    Make sure that you assign the schema group vendor in the purchasing screen while you create vendor so that when you select this vendor in the PO, import pricing procedure gets picked up.


    I would like to give u some conditions types which should be helpful in imorts procedure




    CIF CHARGES= Freight + insurance

    Customs % BCD



    2 nd Edu. Cess % ECESS

    Additional Duty ADC

    Landing Charges

    Port Charges

    Clearing agent charg

    Local Transport


    These are some of the things which come into picture in imports


    Procedure in imports

    1. create import PO with all the duties. But here there are some duties which are supposed to be paid to the customs. so we select the condition type and click on conditiondetail icon and here we enter the Customs vendor number and save the PO.


    2. if release of PO is there release

    3. then invoice is made with customs vendor by selecting planned delivery costs in the options on the right of the screen


    4.Then capture excise invoice J1IEX_C


    5. Then do a GR with PO


    6. Then post excise invoice J1IEX_P


    7. Then again do a envoice with the same PO number but select Goods/Service Items on the right.


    This is the procedure to be followed for import cycle in CIN


    thanks & Regards,


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    Kunal Ingale
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    Import scenario


    To map Import procedure into SAP , follow the following steps :

    1.Create material master of import goods.

    2.Create vendor master record of import vendor and Customs clearing vendor.

    3.Maintain CIN settings.

    4.Maintain J1id.

    5.Maintain Pricing procedure SAP standard JIMPOR..,maintain required conditions..JCDB,JCV1...

    6.Assign the schema to respective import vendor in Purchasing view of VMR.






    Create import PO ,check in conditions of JCDB, JCV1 the customs clearing vendor(Indian vendor) and percentage is assigned..This can be done by In condition tab select condtion then click on display,then enter.

    Save the PO.


    MIRO --Capture Bill Of Entry.(Commercial Invoice No.,).Customs clearing first .Here CVD will b converted to BED.


    Capture Excisse invoice--j1iex.


    Post Excise Invoice.

    MIRO...Payment to vendor(import vendor)









    Find the fin. acct, entry genrated by system with end of every transaction and Import Business Process.


    1. Create PO, in contion tab of PO , maintaint all possible Bill of entry coponent and assigned it with custom vendor.


    2. Create MIRO for custom vendor ( Planned delivery cost)


    FI Entry of Import (Planned Delivery Cost)


    1 K 2001000 customs                            60,592.36- INR

    2 S 2027100 CVD Clearing                           336.07INR

    3 S 2025000Customs Provision                  9,845.38INR

    4 S 2025000Customs Provision                   985.38INR

    5 S 2027100CVD Clearing                       33,606.65INR

    6 S 2027100CVD Clearing                            672.13INR

    7 S 2025000Customs Provision                    492.69INR

    8 S 2025000Customs Provision1               4,654.06 INR


    3. Create GR for Excisable /non-excisable mat.


    for Material


    1 89 4002100 RM:coal                                   221,365.01 INR

    2 96 2021000 Provisional Liab-GR                  195,387.50- INR

    3 50 2025000 Customs Provision                     14,654.06- INR

    4 50 2025000 Customs Provision                         985.38- INR

    5 50 2025000 Customs Provision                          492.69- INR

    6 50 2025000 Customs Provision                      9,845.38- INR


    for Excise


    1 40 4610410 RG 23A-Higher Ed Ces                   336.07 INR V0

    2 40 4610100 RG 23A-BED                            33,606.65 INR V0

    3 40 4610400 RG 23A-Ed Cess                           672.13 INR V0

    4 50 2027100 CVD Clearing                           34,614.85- INR V0


    4. create MIRO for importer liab.


    FI for Vendor( Importer)


    1 K 2001000 test /                                       195,387.50- INR

    2 S 2021000 Provisional Liab                         195,387.50 INR




    refer following doc for customization and procedure







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    Mahesh Wagh
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    First create vendor with XK01 and take schama group 02.


    Then create purchase order - ME21N with import po document type.


    Take condition,

    Basic Csutome, CVD, CHA, Insurance, Transporter third party, Insurance on third party.


    In case of import excise is not applicable.


    After enter all detail click on save button.


    Then create good receipt for purchase order for material - MIGO.


    After creation of MIGO you can create Invoice verification - MIRO for Good receipt, Transporter charges, CHA, Basic Custome, CVD etc.


    Because at the time of good receipt creation autometic delivery cost generate for all condition charges.


    Then post all invoice document.




    Mahesh Wagh