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How to set up a default printer?

Nitin Setia
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Hi Everyone,


How would i set up a default printer in B1. There are 3 printers but i want to set up one as default for printing all the documents. I tried to configure it in windows but it s not working with Business One. Is there any other way out?


Thanks and Regards


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    Jitin Chawla
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    Hi Nitin,


    Please refer to the Note No.  543571 for the issue. Contents as follows :



    How to set a default printer in Business One

    Other terms

    printer, default, settings, printing,

    Reason and Prerequisites

    Select a printer in the Control Panel


    To solve this problem please perform the following steps:

    The default printer is set in the Windows Printer Settings.


    1.  Choose "Start" in your task bar


    2.  Choose "Settings"


    3.  Choose "Control Panel"


    4.  Click on "Printers"


    Here you will see the installed printers.


    To Set a default Printer:


    1.  Highlight the printer you want to select


    2.  Go to menu "File"


    3.  Click on "Set as Default Printer"


      To Add a new printer:


      1.  Double click on "Add Printer"


      2.  Click on "Next" in the pop up window "Add Printer Wizard"


          a) If the printer is directly attached to your computer, click Local  printer.


             1.  Then press the button "Next"


             2.  Select the port you want your printer to use


             3.  Select "Next"


             4.  Select the manufacturer and model of your printer


             5.  Supply a name for this printer


             6.  Check "Yes" under "Do you want your Windows-based programs to use this printer as the default printer"


             7.  Press the button "Next"


             8.  Indicate whether you want this printer to be available to other users


             9.  Press the button "Next"


             10. To confirm that the printer is installed properly, you can print a test page


        11. Press the button "Next"


        12. Press the button "Finish"


    b) If it is attached to another computer, or directly to the

        network, click Network printer.


        1. Press the button "Next"


        2. If you know the name of the printer, you can browse for one on the network


        3. Press the button "Next"


        4. Locate you network printer


        5. Press the button "Next"


        6.Check "Yes" under "Do you want your Windows-based programs to use this printer as the default printer"


        7. Press the button "Next"


        8. Press the button "Finish"


    Hope it helps.




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    Suda Sampath
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    The default printer on the Client is what is usually used in the PLD.  Otherwise, you need to set the Printer on the PLD properties.


    OPEN the Print Layout > Go the PLD Menu and click on Document Properties and set the printer here

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    Jimmy Michael
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    If you want to set default printer for a certain layout of PLD of a certain document, just open the document, then click menu Tools --> select and click print layout designer --> double click the template of the document PLD form --> the PLD windows will appear including properties window and field index window --> click print layout designer menu --> click display document properties --> go to tab paper format --> select the printer in the printer field.