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PIR consumption at different plant

Mario Adler
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Hello dear gurus,


Here's a tough one; I have a situation (quite common) where there's a supply chain with one manufacturing plant and a number (like 4) of distribution plants. (CPG)

Normaly in SAP in such a situation you need to maintain PIRs for each distribution plant (there's where sales take place), and with special procurement key relate the supply to the manufacturing plant.

Thing is that in my case customer is not willing to maintain PIRs for each DC, but rather have one global forecast (at manufacturing plant level). To accomodate that I made a development that reflects the available stocks in DCs as supply elements in MFG. plant, so we can run one MRP planning run to get production planning.

My yet unsolved problem is the incorrect consumption of PIRs. I use strategy 10.

Ideally was if I found a way to consume planning in the MFG plant with sales in the DCs.

Any ideas?