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I want to learn abt datasources.. pl tel some datasources in sd, mm, pp

deepha jothi
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Pl tel some datasources for sd, mm, pp ...

and tel me where to find the datasource...

with example...

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    Praveen G
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    Have you tried checking RSA5 transaction R3 side.

    You will get list of all datasources based on modules.

    All your SD,MM or PP................


    You need to activate it in RSA5 then it will be available in RSA6.Available for extraction


    Hope this helps.


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    Raghu Ram
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    hii deepha,


    go to RSA6 t.code open " Postprocess Datasources and Hierarchy" screen ,which help after Installation of datasource from business content. After that click on " SAP R/3 Application components", it will expends all application, then choose eg "SD,MM,PP" and can view there Datasource...


    and RSA5 open "Installation of Datasource from Business Content" screen, this used to install DS from BC.


    check the foll. link




    hope it helps,





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    chandra nagireddy
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    2LIS_HT_DR0DRM                    DRM Business Matrix     

    2LIS_HT_MS0DRM                    DRM: MS Business Matrix     

    2LIS_13_VDKON                     Billing Document Condition     

    2LIS_13_VDITM                     Billing Document Item Data     

    2LIS_13_VDHDR                     Billing Doc. Header Data     

    2LIS_01_S001                      Customer     

    2LIS_01_S005                      Shipping point     

    2LIS_01_S264                      SD- Offer     

    2LIS_08TRFKP                      Shipment Costs at Item Level     

    2LIS_08TRFKZ                      Shipment Costs at Delivery Item Level     

    2LIS_08TRTK                       Shipment: Header Data     

    2LIS_08TRTLP                      Shipment: Delivery Item Data by Section     

    2LIS_08TRTS                       Shipment: Section Data     

    2LIS_11_VAHDR                     Sales Document Header Data     

    2LIS_11_VAITM                     Sales Document Item Data     

    2LIS_11_VAKON                     Sales Document Condition     

    2LIS_11_VASCL                     Sales Document Schedule Line     

    2LIS_11_VASTH                     Sales Document Header Status     

    2LIS_11_VASTI                     Sales Document Item Status     

    2LIS_11_V_ITM                     Sales-Shipping Allocation Item Data     

    2LIS_11_V_SCL                     Sales-Shipping Allocation Schedule Line     

    2LIS_11_V_SSL                     Sales Document Order Delivery     

    2LIS_12_VCHDR                     Delivery Header Data     

    2LIS_12_VCITM                     Delivery Item Data     

    2LIS_12_VCSCL                     Sales-Shipping Schedule Line Delivery     


    2LIS_05_QVUDN                     Inspection Lot/Usage Decision     

    2LIS_05_QE2                       Inspection Result: Quantitative Data     

    2LIS_05_QE1                       Inspection Result: General Data     

    2LIS_05_Q0TASK                    Quality Notifications - Tasks     

    2LIS_05_Q0NOTIF                   Quality Notifications     

    2LIS_05_Q0ITEM                    Quality Notifications - Items

    2LIS_05_Q0CAUSE                   Quality Notifications - Causes

    2LIS_05_Q0ACTY                    Quality Notifications - Activities



    0PM_OM_OPA_1                      Maintenance Orders: Costs and Allocations

    0PM_OM_OPA_2                      Maintenance Orders: Actual Costs by Means of Delta Extract.

    0PM_OM_OPA_3                      Maintenance Orders: Commitmt Line Items

    0PM_PRM_PLCS_1                    Planned Costs Maintenance

    2LIS_17_I3HDR                     Plant maintenance orders

    2LIS_17_I0TASK                    Maintenance Notifications - Tasks

    2LIS_17_I0NOTIF                   Maintenance Notifications

    2LIS_17_I0ITEM                    Maintenance Notifications - Items

    2LIS_17_I0CAUSE                   Maintenance Notifications - Causes

    2LIS_17_I3OPER                    Plant Maintenance Order Process

    2LIS_17_I0ACTY                    Maintenance Notifications - Activities

    0PM_MEASUREMENT                   Measuring Points and Measurement Documents

    0PM_DSMNTL                        Plant Maintenance - Equipment Dismantling



    2LIS_03_S195                      Material movements: storage location

    2LIS_02_S011                      Purchasing groups

    2LIS_02_S012                      Purchasing

    2LIS_02_S013                      Vendor Evaluation

    2LIS_02_S015                      Subsequent Settlement: Evaluation

    2LIS_02_S174                      Services

    2LIS_02_SCL                       Purchasing Data (Schedule Line Level)

    2LIS_02_SCN                       Produced Activity: Confirmation of Schedule Lines

    2LIS_02_SGR                       Produced Activity: Delivery of Schedule Lines


    0MM_PUR_VE_02                     Vendor Evaluation Semiauto

    2LIS_03_BF                        Goods Movements From Inventory Management

    2LIS_03_BX                        Stock Initialization for Inventory Management

    2LIS_03_S091                      WM: Quantity flows

    2LIS_03_S194                      MRP: Business Info Warehouse

    0MM_PUR_VE_01                     Vendor evaluation

    2LIS_02_ITM                       Purchasing Data (Item Level)

    0CO_PC_ACT_07                     Material Valuation: Prices - Project Stocks

    0CO_PC_ACT_06                     Material Valuation: Prices - Sales Order Stocks

    0CO_PC_ACT_05                     Material Valuation: Prices

    0CO_PC_ACT_04                     Material Valuation: Per. Ending Inventory Project Stocks

    0CO_PC_ACT_03                     Material Valuation: Per. Ending Inventory Sales Order Stocks

    0CO_PC_ACT_02                     Material Valuation: Per. Ending Inventory

    2LIS_03_UM                        Revaluations

    2LIS_03_S198                      Periodic plant stock

    2LIS_02_HDR                       Purchasing Data (Header Level)

    2LIS_02_CGR                       Produced Activity: Delivery of Confirmations

    0SR_VE_INT_IV                     Vendor Evaluation in Invoice Verification (ECC)

    2LIS_03_S196                      Goods movement: Plant

    2LIS_03_S197                      Periodic storage location stock

    2LIS_02_ACC                       Purchasing Data (Account Level)


    0CUST_SALES_ATTR                  Customer number

    0CUST_SALES_LKDH_HIER             Customer number

    0CUST_SALES_TEXT                  Customer Number

    0CUST_SALES_TID_LKDH_HIER         Customer number (Time-Independent)

    0ART_ST_LOC_ATTR                  Article Number Compounded with Plant and Storage Location

    0ARTICLE_ATTR                     Article Number

    0ART_SALES_ATTR                   Article Number Compounded with Sales

    0ARTICLE_TEXT                     Article Number

    0ART_PLANT_ATTR                   Article Number Compounded with Sales

    0CUST_COMPC_TEXT                  Customer Number Compounded with Company Code

    0MATERIAL_TEXT                    Material Number

    0MAT_KONDM_TEXT                   Text DataSource for Field KONDM (Material Group)

    0MAT_PLANT_ATTR                   Material Number with Plant

    0MAT_PLANT_TEXT                   Material number with plant

    0MAT_SALES_ATTR                   Material number with sales

    0MAT_SALES_LPRH_HIER              Material Number Compounded to Sales

    0MAT_SALES_TEXT                   Material number with sales

    0MAT_ST_LOC_ATTR                  Material Number Compounded to Plant and Storage Location

    0MAT_ST_LOC_TEXT                  Material Number Compounded to Plant and Storage Location

    0MAT_UNIT_ATTR                     Material: Unit Conversion

    0PROD_HIER_LPRH_HIER              Material number

    0PLANT_ATTR                       Plant

    0PLANT_LKLS_HIER                  Plant

    0PLANT_TEXT                       Plant

    0CUST_COMPC_ATTR                  Customer Number Compounded with Company Code

    0CUSTOMER_TEXT                    Customer number

    0CUSTOMER_LKLS_HIER               Customer number

    0CUSTOMER_ATTR                    Customer Number

    0USAGE_IND_TEXT                   Usage Indicator Material

    0VEN_ACCNT_GRP_TEXT               Vendor account group

    0VEN_COMPC_ATTR                   Vendor Number Compounded to Company Code

    0VEN_COMPC_TEXT                   Vendor Number Compounded to Company Code

    0VEN_PURORG_ATTR                  Vendor Number

    0MATERIAL_ATTR                    Material Number

    0VEN_PURORG_TEXT                  Vendor Number

    0MATERIAL_LGEN_HIER               Material number

    0MATERIAL_LKLS_HIER               Material number

    0MATERIAL_LPRH_HIER               Material number



      2LIS_04_PEMATNR                   Repetitive Manufacturing Material View

      2LIS_04_PECOMP                    Repetitive Manufacturing Component View

      2LIS_04_PEARBPL                   Reporting Points for Repetitive Manufacturing

      2LIS_04_P_ARBPL                   Work Center View from PP/PP-PI

      2LIS_04_P_COMP                    Component View from PP/PP-PI

      2LIS_04_P_MATNR                   Material View from PP/PP-PI

      0PP_WCCP                          PP(PI)Work Center Capacity

      0PP_DOWNTIME                      Resource Downtimes



    0PS_CLM_CST                       Claim Costs

    0PS_ORD_EVA                       Progress in Orders

    0PS_KAP_NAE                       Extraction of Capacity Requirements for Activity Element

    0PS_NWA_EVA                       Progress in Network Activities

    0PS_NTW_EVA                       Progress in Networks

    0PS_NAE_EVA                       Progress in Network Activity Elements

    0PS_CSH_NTW                       Network Plan Payments

    0PS_CSH_NWA                       Payments on Network Plan Process

    0PS_CSH_ORD                       Payments on Orders

    0PS_DAT_WBS                       WBS Element Dates

    0PS_DAT_PRJ                       Date Project

    0PS_WBS_EVA                       Progress in WBS Elements

    0PS_KAP_NWA                       Extraction of Capacity Requirements for Network Activity



    0DESTINATION_TEXT                 Trip Destination

    0AIRCRAFT_TYPE_TEXT               Aircraft Type

    0ROTATION_TEXT                    Rotation

    0BRAND_TEXT                       Brand

    0BUSFIELD_TEXT                    Business field

    0STRBUSUNIT_TEXT                  Strategic Business Unit

    0ZONE_TEXT                        Zone

    0ORIGIN_TEXT                      Departure Location

    0DAY_OF_OPERATION_TEXT            Day of Operation

    0TRANSPORT_TEXT                   Shipment Type

    0IATA_SEASON_TEXT                 IATA Season

    0REC_TYPE_TEXT                    Activity type

    0FLIGHT_NO_TEXT                   Flight Number

    0LEG_TEXT                         Route Segment

    0MAINMATGRP_TEXT                  Main Material Group