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kata jacob
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hi all,


i am fetching data from the vbrk and when i loop it it gives an error saying that :

@8O@     %LOOP1     "IM_FS_VBRK" cannot be converted to the line type of "IM_T_VBRK".


can u pls tell me as to how to deal with this error  and my loop is like this


and my form interface is like this : IM_T_VBRK type Y_TY_VBRK.

and my global interfac is like this: IM_FS_VBRK like vbrk.


and my loop is : IM_T_VBRK into IM_FS_VBRK.


so please help me out.




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    Sreelakshmi p
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    form interface : IM_T_VBRK like vbrk.

    and  global interface : IM_FS_VBRK like vbrk.

    when u loop your internal table into ur work area both should have same structure . thats why its showing error for u.





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    ganesh prasad
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    Hi ,


    from ur explanation , i think that Y_TY_VBRK is table type ...


    u cant simply change that to VBRK ... it should be same in the calling program also ... if u are changing in the calling program also than use  TAB_VBRK which is table type of VBRK ...



    or else goto se11 .... open Y_TY_VBRK


    and give copy the line type of that (say  y_vbrk)


    now declare IM_FS_VBRK as that type ( IM_FS_VBRK type y_vbrk) ....


    hope it helps ...

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    Sravanthi Balabhadrapatruni
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    Hi kata,


    Create the line type for Y_TY_VBRK .


    In se11-->data type : Y_TY_VBRK.

    table type-->in line type give VBRK.



    In the smartform..Form interface..



    t_vbrk type y_ty_vbrk.


    In the driver program...




    DATA :
      fs_vbrk LIKE LINE OF t_vbrk,         " Holds BillingDoc Header Details
      fs_vbrp LIKE LINE OF t_vbrp.         " Holds BillingDoc Item Details