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KOMK and KOMP structures for pricing

sachin arora
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I was looking for an explanation about pricing through pricing communication structures. what i understood  is that first the sales order values get copied to KOMP and KOMK structures and then if these structures values matches with those of condition reocrods then the condtion rate is set in sales order or billing.


i have one question, how do the system matches values in komp/komk structres with those in condition records (A table) i.e how do the system recognises that the sales org/material/customer values contained in structure is equal to condition reocrds values.


iam not an abaper but is this some sort of code which is there in the program to match the value sin strcutres with the values in condition records ???


komk-vkorg= A702-VKORG




iam not sure but how does the system knows what values of structure is to be compared  with what values of condition records






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    Venu Muda
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    as far as i understand.


    based on condition types and other constraints some of the std routines are triggered

    and when these routines are not sufficient then we develop custom routines

    using KOMP or XKOMV structures.


    The calculated result we have to pass to XWERT field, which will be display to the condition record.




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    Mani S
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    As per my understanding of your question , you want to know the link between the standard pricing structure and Condition table fields.


    When you create the condition table you will be allowed to choose the fields which are in the allowed fields catlog. And this is same as the standard pricing structure.


    In the Access sequence, for every condition table you can see the exact document field mapping. Goto V/07 select some access sequence and Select the accesses which you can see in the right hand side , than select the condition table and select the Fields which you can see in the right hand side.Now you can find the Document structure and field mapping with the condition table fields.


    If you require some other details. Kindly let us know.