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Unable to run Enterprise Services Builder

Mariusz Kierszka
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SAP NetWeaver Process Integration  7.1


When I  try to launch  Process Integration Tools -> Enterprise Services Builder (or Integration Builder Directory), links: http://v2:51400/rep/start/repository.jnlp and http://v2:51400/dir/start/directory.jnlp  respectively, I receive following error:


An error occurred while launching/running the application.


Title: Enterprise Services Repository

Vendor: SAP AG

Category: Download Error


Unable to load resource: http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar


java.io.IOException: HTTP response 404

     at com.sun.javaws.cache.DownloadProtocol.doDownload(Unknown Source)

     at com.sun.javaws.cache.DownloadProtocol.getDownloadSize(Unknown Source)

     at com.sun.javaws.LaunchDownload.downloadJarFiles(Unknown Source)

     at com.sun.javaws.LaunchDownload.downloadEagerorAll(Unknown Source)

     at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.downloadResources(Unknown Source)

     at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.handleApplicationDesc(Unknown Source)

     at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.handleLaunchFile(Unknown Source)

     at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.run(Unknown Source)

     at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


Buy the way, under Java Web Start Configuration i have changed proxy properties to u201CDirect Connectionu201D.


JNLP file looks as follows:


<jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="http://v2:51400/run/">


    <title>Enterprise Services Repository</title>

    <vendor>SAP AG</vendor>

    <homepage href="http://www.sap.com"/>

    <description>Enterprise Services Repository</description>

    <icon href="http://v2:51400/run/start/graphics/sap6464.gif" width="64" kind="default"/>

    <icon href="http://v2:51400/run/start/graphics/SAP3232.gif" width="32" kind="default"/>






    <j2se initial-heap-size="33554432" max-heap-size="536870912" version="1.5+"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar" part="part-9" download="eager" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.core.jar" part="part-9" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.rb.jar" part="part-9" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.client.jar" part="part-0" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.core.jar" part="part-0" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.rb.jar" part="part-0" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mt.gui.lib.jar" part="part-21" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mt.rb.jar" part="part-21" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mt.util.lib.jar" part="part-21" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mapping.lib.jar" part="part-17" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.upload.core.jar" part="part-23" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.upload.sap.jar" part="part-25" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xi.mapping.tool.lib_api.jar" part="part-21" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xi.flib.lib_api.jar" part="part-0" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.aii.utilxi.core.jar" part="part-28" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.aii.utilxi.gui.jar" part="part-39" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.util.rb.jar" part="part-28" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.aii.proxy.gen.jar" part="part-22" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/frog.jar" part="part-128" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/jta.jar" part="part-168" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/ejb20.jar" part="part-166" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcsapxmltoolkit~sapxmltoolkit.jar" part="part-83" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcexception~impl.jar" part="part-123" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcloggingjavaimpl.jar" part="part-130" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcblguidgeneratorimpl.jar" part="part-124" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/jperflib.jar" part="part-59" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcblniimpl.jar" part="part-127" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcjeclientlibimpl.jar" part="part-63" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcbljarmjarm.jar" part="part-132" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenComposite.jar" part="part-135" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGraph.jar" part="part-144" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGraphics.jar" part="part-157" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGenerics.jar" part="part-136" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGui.jar" part="part-134" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGuiResource.jar" part="part-159" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.maestro.jar" part="part-9" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenSkeleton.jar" part="part-160" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/iaik_jsse.jar" part="part-164" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/iaik_smime.jar" part="part-164" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/iaik_ssl.jar" part="part-164" download="lazy" main="false"/>

    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/w3c_http.jar" part="part-164" download="lazy" main="false"/>






  <application-desc main-class="com.sap.aii.ibrep.gui.appl.ApplicationImpl">





Itu2019s not a problem with host or port inaccessibility (I already got access to start page, sld, Runtime WorkBench, etc.).


Letu2019s look closer at, for example, library url : http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar (taken from jnlp file content). When I paste it to the browser I get error u201CThe requested resource does not exist.u201D (as I expected). So I have changed root in the url from u201Crunu201D to u201Crepu201D (correspondingly to XI 3.0 and PI 7.0) u2013  http://v2:51400/rep/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar  and I succeed  in downloading single library file!!!!.

But!!!! I canu2019t change jnlp file content either on client (because itu2019s overwritten every time I launch the application) and server (because  it is generated form template and system properties every time I launch the application) side, so itu2019s not solution but shows that there is something wrong with library resources or/and with jnlp script generation on PI 7.1 platform (why urls in jnlp script points to resources which does not exists in expected location?).


The question is : How to run properly Enterprise Services Builder and Integration Builder Directory on PI 7.1 platform and what is the reason of errors I have described above.

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    VenkataPrabhakar Teegavarapu
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    HI Mariusz  ,


    Why dont you try uninstalling you java and re-install it.Let me know if its not working after that!!!




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    Abhishek Mahajan
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    Hi Mariusz

    reinstalling your java. we faced this problem in our project and reinstalled the java .




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    Dharamveer Gaur
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    Clear the JWS cache which will be in %osinstallationdir%/Documents And Settings/%userName%/Application/Data/Sun/Java/Deployment/cache/javaws dir...(delete everything in that dir)....after doing this try opening the Integration Builder....it will work fine in the first attempt itself..if not give it a few attempts..definitely after 3/4 attempts it will work.....


    Also check your java version is 1.5

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      Abhishek Mahajan
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      Hi Dharamveer


      This seems not to be a problem due to Java Web Start


      This is the answer which we got from SAP


      If that is the case please uninstall the PCK:

      To uninstall the PCK, you need to do the following:

      1. Undeploy the SAP_XIPCK SCA using the SDM.

      2. Change the "cacheType" property of the "SAP XI AF CPA Cache" service

      to "DIRECTORY" in the Java visual administrator.

      3. Make sure that the SLDAccess property is set to "true".

      4. Execute a full CPA cache refresh. Refer to SAP Note 741214 -

      Troubleshooting during cache update of the J2EE CPACache service.


      One question is here how do we undeploy the package SAP_XIPCK SCA using the SDM when we are using JSPM in PI  7.1



      Abhishek Mahajan

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    Mariusz Kierszka
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    Yes, It was a problem with SAP_XIPCK, we also got the same answer from SAP service and finally have solved this problem.

    To undeploy SAP_XIPCK you should use NWDS 7.1 , open perspective  "Deploy" and look for SAP_XIPCK package, add it to the "undeploy list", and proceed.

    In place of Java Visual Administrator (which is not available in PI 7.1 SP6) use SAP NetweaverAdministrator



    Mariusz Kierszka


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    Giacomo Cipriani
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    I have the same problem,

    please anyone can explain what i have to do in simple steps?

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    Kiran Kumar Nekkanti
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    Below are the detailed steps to undeploy the SAPXIPCK


    1)Open MMC on PI 7.11 system


    2) Click on Java Process Table and select ICM


    3) Right click on ICM say AS JAVA TELNET


    4) You will get a telnet screen enter username and password


    5) Run the below commands to undeploy the PCK


    undeploy name=com.sap.xi.pck vendor=sap.com

    undeploy name=com.sap.xi.pck.dbc vendor=sap.com

    undeploy name=com.sap.xi.pck.dbs vendor=sap.com

    undeploy name=com.sap.xi.pck.migration.module vendor=sap.com


    At the end of each command u will get the status whether it is success or not.





    - Success : [1]

    - Aborted : [0]

    - Warning : [0]

    - Skipped : [0]

    - PrerequisiteViolated : [0]

    - NotDeployed : [0]

    - NotSupported : [0]





    Kiran Nekkanti