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Profit center 1000/9999 does not exist for 21.10.2008-Message no. KM026

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I am trying to create Inquiry through T-code VA12 but when I am assigning Project with it pop up error




Profit center 1000/9999 does not exist for 21.10.2008

Message no. KM026


The desired profit center 9999 is not in the master data table for the specified date.


Check your entry.

Note: The profit center is usually derived from the original account assignment object (cost center, order, and so on) or other information (such as the material number).

If necessary, create the desired profit center for the appropriate time frame.



Initially in this system dummy profit center activated but I now I donu2019t want dummy profit center so I changed master data date but now I am getting this error.

From were this (9999) dummy profit center is picking.

If some body has Idea let me know

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    R Brahmankar
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    Go to tcode KCH5N select ur profit center on the right side u will find the validity period button click it to check. . If the posting is taking place within the validity period no issue else extend the validity period..


    To check the period closing t.code is MMRV


    To close the period - MMPV


    If the problem still exists, then please go to KE53, give the respective profit center in which the material is assigned and enter.

    There you can see the validity period for that profit center and I presume the validity period is ended before the  creation date. Check that.