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Rounding as per T001R

Sanjeev B
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Dear Friends 

In the pricing procedure , the field sub total we have a requirement 13 which is rounding as per T001 R  in DIFF condition type.

Also in OB90 the logic is maintained  : Co code - Currency - 100.


My question is how this Logic works during the operation ? what is this 100 meant for ?

A explanation with an example would be highly helpful to me.......

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    Sunil G
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    100 is for rounding upto two decimal places. For eg: when the net value of the document is 108.37 and if 100 is maintained in OB90 the value will be rounded to 108 and DIFF will have value -37. Similarly 10 is rounding upto one decimal place. If 10 is maintained in OB90 then the value will be rounded to 108.40 and DIFF will have value .03.