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Inconsistencies on pool tables when import patches

Alejandro Bautista
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Hello Experts.


I installed the enhacements packages of EA-PS and SAP_APPL (version 603) on my system SAP ECC 6.0 Unicode 64 bits. This process terminated correctly.


Then, when i'm importing another patch of SAP_BASIS or another component with the spam, the system return me the following error in the check_requirements phase:




" Some open conversion requests still exist in the ABAP Data Dictionary

for the following ABAP Dictionary objects. To avoid inconsistencies and

loss of data, you must process these conversions first.


Proceed as follows:


- Open a new session.

- Start the Database Utility (transaction SE14).

- Correct the inconsistencies for the specified objects.

- Repeat the import phase. If no more inconsistencies are found, the

  import continues.


Phase CHECK_REQUIREMENTS: Open ABAP Dictionary Conversions

Object Type       Object Name

Pools/Clusters    GLSP






In the se14, for both, there is not inconsistencies on the database objects but on the runtime objects, the

length of the vardata field is a half of the value of this field of the runtime object.


For correct this inconsistencies, i execute the reports RADPOCNV (ABAP Dictionary: Table Pool Conversion) and RATPONTC (Adaption of VARDATA field for table pools).


Now this tables are totally consistent but when i import again the SAP_BASIS patch or another patch, the inconsistence error still appears.


¿How could i resolve this inconsistencies?


Thanks in advance.