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Assign attributes to territory management

sumita mukherjee
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If i want to assign attribute for "country" only to territories such that the territories can be searched on basis of the defined countries(E.g i have created two sales org units in ppoca_crm wherein i want one for country DE and one for country BE); then how exactly and where do i have to define the attributes???

Whether it is in ppoca_crm transaction or crmm_terrman directly or how???



Thanks in advance.


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    raj surya
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    HI Sumitha,

    U can assign the attributes for both ie to ORG model as well as Territory hierarchy.

    For organisations  u can assign country in the attribues tab page for the two sales organizations,

    and for the terrirtory u can assign in areas level.

    And one thing Org model defines the company' internal structure where as the territory defines Market view of ur organization.

    for further details u can send clearly



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    Rhishikesh Kulkarni
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    Hi Sumita,

           I got what you are requiring,For Achieving the Territory search via Country You may need to Maintain Organisational Attributes for the Sales Organisation with their Respective Countries in the Organisationa Model and further to the that you need to map the Organisational Units in

    >>Maintain Territory Hierarchy

    For which you shall require to assign Territorial attribute Country for both the Organisational Unit and then you can define Search on basis of Country as required.


    Thanks and Regards,