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Missing export data in Billing

Ratish Patil
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Dear All,


I m doing export sale but while creating billing document system give error that "Missing export data" hence accounting document has not created.


Please suggest............





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    Please refer the link below






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    Pratheb Nadarajah
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    Maintain the foreign trade data in the document or have the default values set in the config.


    In Document

    In [VF02] using the standard menu select Goto -> Header -> Foreign Trade/ Customs and maintian the mode of transport and other fields.


    In Config

    SPRO -> SAP IMG -> Sales And Distribution -> Foreign Trade/Customs -> Transportation Data -> Default Values For Foreign Trade Data.



    Nadarajah Pratheb

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    G Lakshmipathi
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    Dear Ratish


    Check this thread


    [Foreign Trade Data |Foreign Trade Data]



    G. Lakshmipathi

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    Amit Yadav
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    Dear Ratish,


    Few ways have already been suggested by other Elite Members. This will resolve the issue for current Invoice; but if the same error is occuring for every Invoice, maintain default values.


    To get the default values for foreign trade data go to


    1. IMG --> Sales and Distribution --> Foreign Trade/Customs --> Basic data for foreign trade --> Define Business Transaction Types And Default Value --> Define Default Business Type (SD)


    In this step maintain assinments for country/sales org/dist channel / item category / and transaction type combination


    2. IMG --> Sales and Distribution --> Foreign Trade/Customs --> Basic data for foreign trade --> Define Procedures and Default Value --> Define procedure default


    In this step maintain assignments with the combination of country/sales org/dist channel/division/exp.imp group/item category/ procedure


    Apart from the above we need to maintain Comm./imp. code no./country of origin and region of origin at material master




    Go to VTFL, select your billing type and delivery type and click on blue magnifying lens on top left so that it will take you to a screen where most probably, you would be maintaining "B" for "Determ.export data". Maintain blank field there and save. Now system will not throw incomplete error message.


    Best Regards,




    Note: Check SAP Note: 31188