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MRP issue for future delivery PO/STO date

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We have a sceanrio where the available material quantity in MRP list is considering future delivery date STO quantity.  The PO delivery date is 08.11.2008 and MRP run date is 07.11.2008.


Step 1, material master details:

Material = 16814, MRP Type = PD, Lot size = EX, Special Procurement = D0 (Stock Transfer), Consumption mode = 2 Backward\forward consumption, Fwd Consumption per = 0.


Step 2, MRP list details , before PO creation:

MRP list before having any purchase order = 191-

i.e, Available qty on 07.11.2008 with a DepReq = 191-


Step 3, Creating Purchase oder (In our case it is STO):

We created one Stock Transport Order on 7th Nov 2008 giving Delivery date as 08 Nov 2008 which is in future. Our plant is receiving plant = y100.

PO quantity = 2


Step 4, Running MRP in MD02:

Processing key       =   NETCH               Net Change in Total Horizon       

Create purchase req.   = 1                   Purchase requisitions             

Delivery schedules   =   3                   Schedule lines                    

Create MRP list   =      1                   MRP list                          

Planning mode     =      3                   Delete and recreate planning data                                                                   

Scheduling         =     1                   Determination of Basic Dates for Pl


Result = PR is getting created for Qty = 189, but our actual required  qty = 191 - meaning it is considering the future delivery date(8th Nov 2008) PO qty while creating PR and removing that qty while creating PR's on 7th Nov 2008.

Here we are running the MRP on today (7th Nov 2008). STO delivery date is 8th Nov 2008


Step 5, MRP List details, after STO creation:

Now the PO is coming in MRP list and the available qty is 189-

Earlier stock before purchase order is 191 - after creating purchase order (STO) for future delivery date available qty is coming as 189-

DepReq is still 191- but the total available qty is changing to 189-


We want PR to be created for DepReq of 191 and not 189.

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    Rajesh Vittal
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    In step 2

    What is the stock?

    If it is PO then the qty cannot be in  minus 189



    Where are u running MRP? In receiving plant or sending plant and all the steps you are showing for which plant?


    It is confusing...


    What i can say is in general if it is MTS scenario, then system will always consideres stock + receipt - issues = 0 after running MRP.

    If it is MTO, then for each sales order/project segment stock + receipt - issues = 0...


    Hence apply your situation in the plant and see the data.