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Account determination for COGS

Tony Raimo
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Currently, both retail and web orders post COGS to the same GL account after PGI.  We'd like to be able to post COGS to two different accounts for both retail and web orders.


Retail (Order Type = OR;  dist channel = 10)

Web (Order Type = ZWO; dist channel = 30)


Both Retail and Web use movemtent type 601 for PGI so the config in transaction OMWB will not work.  I thought about creating a new movement type for web orders but I think it might be easier to create a substitution instead.  If so, I'm not sure how to create a substitution for this scenario.  Any thoughts on this?






OK, I was able to get the substitution to hit my user-exit.  However, the change I make to the GL account has no affect.  Here is my code:


FORM U901.




  if BSEG-KTOSL eq 'GBB'.

    select single * from VBAK into VBAK

      where VBELN eq BSEG-VBEL2.

    if sy-subrc eq 0 and VBAK-VTWEG eq '30'.

      BSEG-HKONT = '0000500025'.






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    Sebastian Schaake
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    Hi out there,


    does anyone know how to change BSEG-HKONT via a subsitution ? It seems to be blocked for that purpose.


    If there is not possibility does anyone know a customer exit to change the account determination for GBB VBR when posting a goods issue ? It is needed for special postings and I want to program it either in a substituiton or exit.


    Thanks a lot for your help.