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How to create Our own folders in AL11.

Ravi Chelikani
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How to create/ add our own folders in AL11 sap directories.


I tried to use config option, add was successful, But unable to see that folder in AL11 list.


Any suggestions How to added our own floders in AL11.




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    Ashok Kumar Prithiviraj
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    the basis-administration persons create the folders for use ..they would help u...

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    kishan negi
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    it is possible,


    Write this code in your program..



    data: unixcom like   rlgrap-filename.


    data: begin of tabl occurs 500,


          end of tabl.

    dir =

    unixcom = 'mkdir mydir'. "command to create dir

    "to execute the unix command

      call 'SYSTEM' id 'COMMAND' field unixcom

                    id 'TAB'     field tabl[].



    "check the directory created or not.

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    Frédéric Girod
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    look the code of RSWATCH0, the directory are hard coded.


    the program make a link between a sap_name and the name define in the config. Just create a directory into the server is not enough. You have to duplicate the SAP program, and add your own directory inside.


    Or create a directory into a directory list by SAP. If it's on other directory and you are into Linux, you could ask your administrator to make a  mount -o bind ..






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    kristene Jyo
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    Frédéric ,


    Yes, in unix we can mount from one server to local server.But unfortunatly we are running windows platforms.We have shared point in another server that we have to show in AL11.


    Can we map this into the program you suggested.


    - Kristene


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    David Samuels
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    I was seeing some misonformation here....lets clarify:


    what you need is an existing physical directory


    likely you'll also want to share that directory


    users need access to it..in this case the SAPServiceSID user must be owner/have read access at least to the share


    in AL11, select a line, click configure and save as indicated... the directory name is DIR_YOURDIRECTORY, param name is
    host\share or D:\pathtoshare as appropriate and Servername is all


    the FILE transaction allows for a Logical  ALIAS with physical directory on each server to be used for coding a generic drop and pickup routines. looks like


    no other coding or information required for this to work....use the tcodes as provided!!


    ~former SAP Platinum Basis/BI