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Azra Husain
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Hi all,


I have created  a dmee tree in which I have to print data of REGUH and REGUP for that I have used FPAYH and FPAYP structures respectively.


For one entry of REGUH there is two entries in REGUP as per my test data But tree calls only once not twice as per the entries of REGUP.


Kindly tell me how can I print all the rows of REGUP. Is there any loop functionality in DMEE tree.




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    sandhya akula
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    You can assign an exit function module for every field of  REGUP.

    And in that exit function module in case and endcase.

    When ever that node is called you can write normal loop statement and pass the required value to the specified node.


    DATA :

          w_nodename TYPE dmee_tech_name, "Node Name in DMEE tree.


      CASE w_nodename.


    WHEN 'REGUP_Field'.


    LOOP at REGUH.




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    Rini Gerreman
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    can you check the level settings for the REGUP field in the property section in the DMEE tree root. The level should indictae repetitions more than 1.


    Then mak sure the REGUP field has the right level assigned


    Hope this helps


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    Manjot Kaur
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    Hi ,


    Loop at REGUH and REGUP in the DMEE tree can be controlled by setting the DMEE tree properties.

    GOto Sort/key fields tab in the DMEE tree properties and define 2 levels with the key fields as below:

    Key field check box : Checked.

    Sequence : 1

    Structure : FPAYH

    Sort field : ZBUKR



    Key field check box : Checked.

    Sequence : 2

    Structure : FPAYH

    Sort field : DOC1R



    Key field check box : Checked.

    Sequence : 3

    Structure : FPAYP

    Sort field : DOC2R



    Now goto each segment node and set the Level as 1 or 2. In case you want to the segment to appear as many number of times as REGUH then assign LEVEL as 1 tothe segment node or in case you want the segment to appear as many number of times as REGUP then assign LEVEL as 2.


    I hope this solves your query.