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Work process restarted session terminated.

Majid Khan
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In quality Assurance Server, whenever i execute payroll simulation tcode or any other tcode it gives the error "Workk process re-started, session terminated". I did check & update optimizer statistics using DB13 but the same problem persists.


assist me in resolving this issue.




Majid Khan

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    Deep Kwatra
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    this might help you


    Note 570018 - Work process re-started, session terminated




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      Majid Khan
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      Dear Dee,


      thanks for the solution, but the solution for release 4.7 and i am using ECC5 with patch details given below


      SAP_BASIS      640       0022 SAPKB64022     SA

      SAP_ABA        640       0022 SAPKA64022     Cr

      ST-PI          003C_640  0001 SAPKITLPS1     SA

      PI_BASIS       2006_1_6400006 SAPKIPYL06     Ba

      SAP_BW         350       0021 SAPKW35021     SA

      SAP_HR         500       0017 SAPKE50017     Hu

      SAP_APPL       500       0019 SAPKH50019     Lo

      PI             2004_1_5000004 SAPKIPZI64     PI


      is there any other SAP Note which help me in resolving this issue.


      sorry for not informing you regarding version earlier.




      Majid Khan

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    Manoj Nair
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    are you getting this error immediately after executing the transaction?  If not, while executing the transaction take another session and take SM50 to observe the work process actions..



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      Majid Khan
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      when executing SM50 in new session, i received following information                                                                               

      Last SQL statement                                                                               





      s.module, s.action, t.sql_text                                                                         


      v$session s, v$sqltext t                                                                               


      s.sql_address = t.address and s.sql_hash_value = t.hash_value and s.machine = sys_context ( 'USERENV', 

        'HOST' ) and s.process like :A0  and s.client_info = :A1                                               

      ORDER BY                                                                               


      Database                         Number              Time (usec)         Recs.                                                                               

      Direct Read                         6                   0                   0                            

      Sequential Read                     0            0,000000000000000E+        0                            

      Insert                              0                   0                   0                            

      Update                              0                   0                   0                            

      Delete                              0                   0                   0                            

      Sources                             0  (Bytes)                                                           

      RSQL                                0  (Bytes)                                                           

      Commit                                                  0                                                

      DB procedure calls                  0                   0                                                                               

      Roles / memory                   Number              Time (usec)                                                                               

      Roll In                             1                 182                                                

      Roll Out                            0                   0                                                

      Roll                          114.688  (Bytes)                                                           

      Page                           73.728  (Bytes)                                                           

      Memory (sum)                                6.272.356  (Bytes)                                           

      Memory (sum private)                                0  (Bytes)                                           

      Memory (used)                               3.135.912  (Bytes)                                           

      Memory (max. transaction)                   6.271.824  (Bytes)                                           

      Memory (max. dialog step)                   6.271.824  (Bytes)

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    Majid Khan
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