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sap mm testing

hareesha kumbla
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Hi sap guru,


what is testing?.


why it is needed?.


What are the recent testing tools?


how to test with the help of mecury?

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    Kiran. V
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    Till date, CATT could only be used with the R/3 system. eCATT (which is available with SAP Web Application Server 6.20) covers the automatic testing in SAPGUI for Windows and SAP GUI for Java. For other GUIs and Applications, eCATT provides an interface for external tools. This allows companies to perform automated tests from an SAP system in a complete IT solution landscape across system boundaries. These new options enable complete automation of solution landscapes under standard Windows and Web-based user interfaces- resulting in low-cost operation of an IT Solution.


    CATT is no longer supported by SAP for the creation of new developments. Hence all the test scripts developed in CATT are now need to migrate/Update to eCATT. Comparative to manual testing, the following are advantages of using eCATT:


    Due to automation, testing time is reduced to a large extent.


    Due to automation, less manpower is required for testing. This helps financially.


    Due to automation, manual errors are reduced to large extent. Hence results in error free testing. This helps, as no further problems will occur while the usage of R/3 system by end users and hence increases the efficiency.


    Proved to be extremely useful in implementation projects.


    SCAT ; ECC 5.0

    SECATT: ECC 6.0


    Thanks & regards,


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    Ganesh Tiruvail
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    Dear Friend,


    Testing is required before moving any development to Production. Generally SAP landscape will be Development client, Quality client, Production client, Training client, Sand box.


    Any new development will start from development client and then go to quality client and from there to Production client. In Production client no testing will be allowed where end users/Power users will actually use the new developement.

    So testing actually starts at Developemnt client. Generally New unit testing will be created for this purpose. Once your development is tested in unit testing client, it will be moved to quality cleint where you will test with more scenarios/ with other modules.

      Once your testing in QN(Quality) is Ok then proceed with moving development to Production client.



    QTP can be used for testing purpose.QTP stands for Quick test professional. Procedure should be, you should load QTP in your Mechine and you can link QTP with SAP development client, unit testing client or Quality client. With QTP, your testing will be faster and error free.


    Please let me know your questions.

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    preethi R
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    Hi Hareesha,


    Following is the complete guide of mercury testing tool: