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hareesha kumbla
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Hi sap guru,


Pl explain me how to prepare the documentation.what is BBP.Can i get some example



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    Kunal Panchal
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    Documentation are of two types first is technical design document TDD and second is functional design document. FDD. and BBP is a business blueprint which comes after AS IS , TO BE, Gap Analysis, Planning stages of SAP implementation. blueprint is the layout of the things to be configured in the system .SAP is a 3 tier architecture of three layers presentation application and development.

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    preethi R
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    Hi Hareesha,






    The above link contains related BBP information.





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    Rahul Deshmukh
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    Documentation is the most important part in any SAP project.


    In SAP documentation can be categorized as Functional documentation and technical documentation.

    Functional documents are related to functional scope and has to be prepared by functional consultant.


    Functional documentation comprises of:


    1.Requirement Gathering document: This is a document prepared by functional consultant as pat of AS IS study of the business,each and every transaction of the process is been captured in this documentation.


    2.BBP: Business Blue Print:

    Business Blueprint is the complete design document for each business process. It contains the detailed process description needs to be mapped in SAP,ie.e SAP process design and its flowchart.

    It contain GAP anylysis, i.e. any gaps available which could not be addressed through standard SAP and its solution i.e. whether it could be addressed through  any developments or any work around available. BBP also briefs the reporting requirements and the roles and authorizations for the processes.


    3.Configuration Document: Detail docuemnt which gives the fair idea of the customization done.


    4.FRS: Functional Requirement Specification:

    FRS are mainly for report development,forms development or any Z development.

    FRS captures the basic functional logic for the development,details about the tables and fields from where the ABAP consultant could gfetch the data and other detials of the development.


    5.BPML: Business Process Master List


    Technical Documentation:


    1. TD's: Technical Documents: ABAP Consultants then prepare TD based on the FRS for the development he has done. TD captures technical logic for the development.


    In some SAP projects depends on management traceability matrix need to prepared for each process.


    Hope it will help you out.




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    Kunal Ingale
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    This function documents the business processes in your company that you want to implement in the system. In a Business Blueprint for Projects, you create a project structure in which relevant business scenarios, business processes and process steps are organized in a hierarchical structure. You can also create project documentation and assign it to individual scenarios, processes or process steps. You then assign transactions to each process step, to specify how your business processes should run in your SAP systems.


    The Business Blueprint is a detailed description of your business processes and system requirements. You can print it out.














    hope it helps