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SE17 or SE16N

Arvind Nair
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Hi All - I searched in forum but I did not get any resolution on this..


My question is:


1)I see difference in SE16 display(fields) when compared to SE17...is there a way I can display all field values for a given tcode in vertical columns


Eg: If look up table '/sapapo/matloc' I selected all fields as output, output displays in horizontal lines and in weird fashion..


However when I display same table in SE16 it displays field values in decent vertical columns....which doesnt in SE17.....is there a way i can display field values in vertical columns in SE17.


2) Is there a way I can disable 'Download' activity under EDIT menu in SE17......also is it fine if user have this option on PROD in SE17.


Also, in my last thread I didnot get answer to " Is that OK to assign users SE16/SE17 on SCM Production system, If I narrow down auth in SDEVELOP or S_TABU_DIS"


Thank you!

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    Julius von dem Bussche
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    If you are going to have them going for direct table display, then I would recommend SE16N with the correct access. It is better in performance and has many more user friendly features.


    The predecesor of SE16N (tcode "GTDIS") and variants of it (tcodes "N" and "V") have been removed in higher releases, but they worked much the same way if the user has the correct authority.


    SE17 is the precedecor of SE16. I think it is restricted in it's fields because of performance problems - but I am just speculating. They are report generators and when the tables become too large, then your users will slow the system down (not to mention bypass all your organizational security in the business applications).


    If the table is not going to grow large and there is a valid reason to look at it directly, look for a view in SM30 (or create one).


    That would be my advise.


    Regarding your second question, this should depend on how you classify your data as being worthy of protection. Without knowing which industry you are in (possibly even regulated, legal liabilities towards the data you have, etc) and which data you have in your SCM system and how it is connected to others, it is hard to tell.


    Normally, there is something worth protecting, otherwise you would have used an MS Excel file on an open file share