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Saving Log in SM35 as local excel file

Krishan Kumar
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Hi Experts,


I want to save the log which is generated for a LSMW as a local excel file. If I am trying through menu System->List->Save->List, it's coming in disable mode. Is there any way to save the log?




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    Chinnaiya Pandian
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    Do you have the "Analyze erroneous transactions" option

    available to you on your LSMW menu ? If you don't, switch it on using the "Personal Menu" button.


    Execute this option (which allows you to choose which fields you would like to display from your LSMW load) and download the results into Excel. This option is good because it only shows you the failed

    transactions whereas the LSMW log shows you all transactions and you need to filter through them to find the failed ones.

    If this doesn't give you what you require,then just print the logs.When you press print, the system should take you to another screen, you can download this screen to Excel using the =>System =>List =>Save option, or you can press print and download the data from your spool file.


    Hope this helps.

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    mallikarjuna goud
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    Hi krishan,


    Are you creating Session in SM35???


    if you have session in Sm35, i will have program i can give it.......




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    santosh sarda
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    follow this


    1. go to SM35

    2.select session you wnat

    3.Select 'LOG' (F7) from application toolbar,

    4.Select Log from Log Overview and press display(F2).

    5.Do Cntrl+P or press print From ABAP list Viewer button in Menu bar.

    6. it will result in ALV display of log.

    7. get excel file from ALV or use List->Export->local file.

    8. you can get pivot table or simple excel o/p.