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Profiles for Basis Admins

Lee Owens
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Does anyone have a list of transactions that would be considered adequate for a basis administrator on a production system, which would allow them to do all the work they may need to without logging in with a sap_all id? 


What is the best practice for access for basis in production?




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    Subramaniam Iyer
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    You may use the SAP delivered standard roles and create a copy of the same according to your convenience. The roles in the standard system like:

    SAP_BASIS_ADMIN     Admin role for basis people

    SAP_BC_BASIS_ADMIN     System Administrator

    SAP_BC_AUTH_DATA_ADMIN     Authorization Data Manager

    SAP_BC_AUTH_PROFILE_ADMIN     Authorization Profile Administrator

    SAP_BC_BATCH_ADMIN     Background Processing Administrator

    SAP_BC_BDC_ADMIN     Batch Input Administrator


    and more can be used to suit your requirements.

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    Ashok Roy
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    Hi Lee-


    I can understand where are you coming from :). You needed the list of all possible basis tcodes in production environment rather adopting strenuous task of deriving and identifying all required functionality from SAP Standard role template for basis. Not an issue


    You can refer the tcodes listed below in production environment. It includes all required for regular support, monitoring & performance analysis.


    SSO2      Workplace Single Sign-On Admin.

    STRUSTSSO2      Trust Manager for Logon Ticket

    BD82      Generate Partner Profiles

    SMT2      Trusting systems (Display <->Maint.)

    SPAU      Display Modified DE Objects

    SDCCN      Service Data Control Center

    SLG1      Application Log: Display Logs

    SGEN      SAP Load Generator

    STMS_MONI      TMS Import Monitor

    STMS      Transport Management System

    SCOOL      COOL Repository

    PFUD      User Master Data Reconciliation

    SMMS      Message Server Monitor

    SICK      Installation Check

    SMICM      ICM Monitor

    SE38      ABAP Editor

    AL04      Monitor call distribution

    AL08      Users Logged On

    AL11      Display SAP Directories

    AL12      Display table buffer (Exp. session)

    AL13      Display Shared Memory (Expert mode)

    AL15      Customize SAPOSCOL destination

    AL16      Local Alert Monitor for Operat.Syst.

    BD21      Select change pointer

    BD50      Activate Change Ptrs for Mess. Type

    BD51      Maintain function modules (inbound)

    BD52      Activ.change pointer per chng.doc.it

    BD54      Maintaining Logical Systems

    BD64      Maintenance of Distribution Model

    BD97      Assign RFC dest. to Logical Systems

    CK11      Create Product Cost Estimate

    DB01      Analyze exclusive lockwaits

    DB02      Tables and Indexes Monitor

    DB03      Parameter changes in database

    DB12      DBA Backup Logs

    DB6BACKHIST      DB6: DBA Planning Calendar

    DB6CLP      DB6: Command Line Processor

    DB6COCKPIT      DB6: DBA Cockpit

    DB6EXL      DB6: Analyze Exclusive Lock Waits

    DB6PERF      DB6: DB2 UDB Cockpit Performance

    DB6SPACE      DB6: Space Analysis

    FTXP      Maintain Tax Code

    KOSRLIST_PR      Projects/Nets: Coll. Displ.SettRules

    LBWE      LO Data Ext.: Customizing Cockpit

    LSMW      Legacy System Migration Workbench

    OS01      LAN check with ping

    OS03      O/S Parameter changes

    OS04      Local System Configuration

    OS05      Remote System Cconfiguration

    OS06      Local Operating System Activity

    OS07      Remote Operating System Activity

    OSS1      Logon to SAPNet

    OY05      Factory calendar

    RBDMIDOC      Variant for RBDMIDOC

    RSA7      BW Delta Queue Monitor

    RZ01      Job Scheduling Monitor

    RZ03      Presentation, Control SAP Instances

    RZ04      Maintain SAP Instances

    RZ10      Maintain Profile Parameters

    RZ11      Profile Parameter Maintenance

    RZ12      Maintain RFC Server Group Assignment

    RZ20      CCMS Monitoring

    SA38      ABAP Reporting

    SAINT      Add-On Installation Tool

    SALE      Display ALE Customizing

    SASAPIMG      Call Up Project IMG

    SBIW      BIW in IMG for OLTP

    SCON      SAPconnect - Administration

    SCOOLTOOL      COOL Tools

    SCOT      SAPconnect - Administration

    SCU0      Customizing Cross-System Viewer

    SCU3      Table History

    SE03      Transport Organizer Tools

    SE06      Set Up Transport Organizer

    SE12      ABAP/4 Dictionary Display

    SE13      Maintain Technical Settings (Tables)

    SE15      ABAP/4 Repository Information System

    SE18      Business Add-Ins: Definitions

    SE37      ABAP Function Modules

    S_TABU_DIS Display Tables (customize it to ztcode)

    SCC4 (customize it to ztcode)

    SE63      Translation: Initial Screen

    SE11      ABAP Dictionary

    SE11_OLD      ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance

    SE80      Object Navigator

    SE81      Application Hierarchy

    SE82      Application Hierarchy

    SE84      R/3 Repository Information System

    SE93      Maintain Transaction Codes

    SESSION_MANAGER      Session Manager Menu Tree Display

    SICF      HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance

    SM01      Lock Transactions

    SM02      System Messages

    SM04      User List

    SM12      Display and Delete Locks

    SM13      Administrate Update Records

    SM14      Update Program Administration

    SM20      Security Audit Log Assessment

    SM21      Online System Log Analysis

    SM28      Installation Check

    SM35      Batch Input Monitoring

    SM36      Schedule Background Job

    SM37      Overview of job selection

    SM37C      Flexible version of job selection

    SM38      Queue Maintenance Transaction

    SM49      Execute external OS commands

    SM50      Work Process Overview

    SM51      List of SAP Systems

    SM56      Number Range Buffer

    SM58      Asynchronous RFC Error Log

    SM59      RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)

    SM61      Backgroup control objects monitor


    SM63      Display/Maintain Operating Mode Sets

    SM64      Trigger an Event

    SM65      Background Processing Analysis Tool

    SM66      Systemwide Work Process Overview

    SM69      Maintain External OS Commands

    SMEN      Session Manager Menu Tree Display

    SMGW      Gateway Monitor

    SMLG      Maint.Assign. Logon Grp to Instance

    SMLT      Language Management

    SMQ1      qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)

    SMQ2      qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)

    SMQR      Registration of Inbound Queues

    SMQS      Registration of Destinations

    SMT1      Trusted Systems (Display <-> Maint.)

    SMX      Display Own Jobs

    SNL1      Display NLS (character set, lang.)

    SNOTE      Note Assistant

    SNRO      Number Range Objects

    SNUM      Number Range Driver

    SO00      SAPoffice: Short Message

    SO01      SAPoffice: Inbox

    SO02      SAPoffice: Outbox

    SO03      SAPoffice: Private Folders

    SO04      SAPoffice: Shared Folders

    SO05      SAPoffice: Private Trash

    SO07      SAPoffice: Resubmission

    SO23      SAPoffice: Distribution Lists

    SO50      Rules for inbound distribution

    SO99      Put Information System

    SOST      Overview transmission requests

    SP01      Output Controller

    SP12      TemSe Administration

    SPAD      Spool Administration

    SPAM      Support Package Manager

    ST01      System Trace

    ST02      Setups/Tune Buffers

    ST03      Performance,SAP Statistics, Workload

    ST03N      R/3 Workload and Perf. Statistics

    ST04      DB Performance Monitor

    ST05      Performance trace

    ST06      Operating System Monitor

    ST07      Application monitor

    ST10      Table Call Statistics

    ST11      Display Developer Traces

    ST14      Application Analysis

    ST22      ABAP dump analysis

    STAD      Statistics display for all systems

    STAT      Local Transaction Statistics

    SU01D      User Display

    SU03      Maintain Authorizations

    SU51      Maintain Own User Address

    SU52      Maintain Own User Parameters

    SU53      Evaluate Authorization Check

    SU55      Call the Session Manager menus

    SU56      Analyze User Buffer

    SUIM      User Information System

    S_BCE_68001285      Transaction S_BCE_68001285

    S_BCE_68001402      With Unsuccessful Logons

    S_BCE_68001418      Act. Grps According to Complex Crit.

    S_BCE_68001420      Act. Grps According to Complex Crit.

    S_BCE_68001429      Transactions for User

    TU02      Parameter changes

    USMM      Customer measurement

    WE02      Display IDoc

    WE05      IDoc Lists

    WE07      IDoc statistics

    WE08      Status File Interface

    WE09      Search for IDoc in Database

    WE20      Partner Profiles

    WE21      Port definition

    WE30      Development IDoc Type

    WE46      IDoc administration

    WE60      Documentation for IDoc types

    WE61      Documentation for IDoc record types

    WE63      Documentation




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      Subramaniam Iyer
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      I think idea here should be to understand the process more than giving actual values for such kind of posts. If, Lee were to make a role directly based on these tcodes what would be his justification as a security consultant for having provided these values.


      Every company would have its own unique policy for authorizing Basis consultants.


      Some may want the consultants to be authorized with relevant tasks like system admin or database admin or security admin or user admin seperately.


      While some may want these tasks to combined by one group of consultants.


      I would also want to provide the display access to all functional tcodes to the security roles as it may be needed more often or not to solve the authorization issues.


      I would rather stick to the security policy of my company and the job rrequirements of the consultant when designing these roles.

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        J. Heeck
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        > I would rather stick to the security policy of my company and the job rrequirements of the consultant when designing these roles.

        I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately OP doesn't want to go through the design process and there happened to be a spoonfeeder around....... Oh, well, some companies will get the quality they deserve.


        @Ashok: Please do not spoonfeed in this forum.


        @Lee: As far as basis roles are concerned, my basis admins will only be authorized to do their work if they can specify what they need. That makes creating the basis roles an ongoing design and build process for a few months with a tailormade result.

        The process of trial and error does make them mad at occasions but the worst thing I've ever had to do was threaten them to tell their boss they cannot tell me what their job is about. Worked like a charm

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        Lee Owens
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        Thanks for the responses.  Actually, I'm a basis guy and I have seen such a different discrepency with Basis roles in every company, I just wanted to get some feedback from all of you to see your thoughts on security for Basis.  Many companies I go to just take the sap_all profile and take away the authorities they don't want basis people to have and other companies start with a limited transaction set and make the basis guys tell them what other access they need (which can be frustrating).  I just wanted to keep a good list so that when I get asked that question at various clients I can give them a good answer.



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          Todd Kreiser
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          Can I chime in on this topic?


          When I started late on my current project the entire Basis team had sap_all. They were well into realization and experiencing a lot of problems with system stability, data corruption and people stepping on each other's toes by making changes.


          I fought like heck to remove sap_all from every Basis member. We  had pretty good Basis roles set up by our SI. Yes there were transactions missing but the deal I offered was simple:


          I''m taking sap_all away effective immediately. You will never see it again. However, I'm going to give you these roles and promise you that if and when you find a transaction missing, I will immediately add it. Day, night, on vacation whatever, I will stop what I am doing and make sure you have what you need.


          It frustrated some of our Basis admins to the point of insanity but we now have rock solid, position and task based roles. Oh yeah, most of our problems have gone away now. Personally I thought it was only fair to make myself available for immediate assistance since I was removing their crutch - that's all sap_all was for us.


          I think well designed Basis roles work better than just giving out sap_all like Halloween candy. By removing sap_all and assigning them true Basis roles we have also eliminated potential audit issues with SoDs. No longer can our lead Basis guru create users at will. The deal again is that if a user is needed (system, service etc) that I am available via phone for emergencies.


          My personal opinion is that if you are going to take away sap_all be willing to go the extra mile to ensure the team does have the tools they need.



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            Julius von dem Bussche
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            > Can I chime in on this topic?

            Thanks for chiming in, even although the thread is closed.


            I enjoyed reading your post and agree with you - if nothing else has been done, then you need to support the transision to a based-on-need-role as a "tool", otherwise it will fail.


            Other very usefull tools are:


            - Provide a password vault and/or Single-Sign-On solution --> these folks often has many systems and clients to administrate, and their authority might be less of an immediate risk than the way they manage their passwords.


            - Give them an emergency user procedure (as this ball typically ends up in basis's court to solve) --> long before Virsa FireFighter there were ways of doing this. If you know what you are doing, you can implement one on your own in only a few days with about 30 lines of code in the right place, and a bit of carefull config. Carefull config should be in place anyway.


            From my experiences, if you provide security solutions and explain the risks which are being mitigated, only unreasonable or unknowledgable people will resist.


            Thanks again for adding your insight!





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      Waldon Smith
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      Thanks for the start!


      And while yes, my companies needs are probably different.  I prefer to start as close to correct as possible and remove and add access as needed.  My company can't wait on me to do weeks of analysis for 6 users for them to get started.  So boo hoo to the "spoon feed" comments.

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        Alex Ayers
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        Do you use the SAP Standard roles as the basis of rest of your build then?

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          Waldon Smith
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          The only implementation I have been security architect on is HCM.  Our GBS team has to put together process documents before we do implementation testing.  I looked through the Process documents for each transaction used and derived what object values to use based on the text of the process.  We have several cycles of testing which of course found some missing object values and reports not previously on their process documents.(Not many ) So in essence for the end user roles I started with 0 and added as needed.  However, I had close to 6 months to do this process. 


          I am now being asked to find a way to reduce Basis's access for all systems and if I could have it done yesterday.  Which is why I was looking through here to see if someone had a more efficient way of doing this.  Specifically for Basis, I would rather take broad approach and remove slowly instead of taking a narrow approach and add as requested.  (This is for their FireFighter access anyway.)

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    Keith Crudgington
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    I don't recall who the poster was - maybe third from the top - gave a list of  many, many transactions but,

    you don't need all of them. There are many you do need. As a Basis Admin. in my shop, we don't have authority for the IDOC transactions ie. WExx and I haven't needed them. Applications support and Developers use them here. Also, your security team should be the ones controling what transactions a given role has authority to. Some have given you links within the SAP site(s). Stick with SAP recommendations and not third party links. A while back our security team was trying to be more SOX compliant and took some transactions away but we demonstrated the need for them so we got them back. Good luck.