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HR - Benefit enrollment for employees

Lundi Vox
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I need a FM, BAPI, etc.. to enroll an employee into benefit programs (health, life, spending, etc...).  How can this be accomplished? 




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    Amit Gujargoud
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    Check FM:





    Also check:

    Standard Reports in Benefits


    Eligible Employees                                       (Report RPLBEN01)
    Participation                                                (Report RPLBEN02)
    Health Plan Costs                                         (Report RPLBEN03)
    Insurance Plan Costs                                    (Report RPLBEN04)
    Savings Plan Contributions                           (Report RPLBEN05)
    Vesting Percentages                                      (Report RPLBEN06)
    Changes in Benefits Elections                         (Report RPLBEN07)
    Flexible Spending Account Contributions         (Report RPLBEN08)
    Changes in Eligibility                                     (Report RPLBEN09)
    Employee Demographics                                (Report RPLBEN11)
    Changes in Default Values for General Benefits Info (Report RPLBEN13)
    Costs/Contributions for Miscellaneous Plans     (Report RPLBEN15)
    Stock Purchase Plan Contributions                  (Report RPLBEN16)
    Benefit Election Analysis                                (Report RPLBEN17)
    Contribution Limit Check                                (Report RPLBEN18)
    Enrollment Statistics                                      (Report RPLBEN19)
    Create Payment List Report                            (RPUBENPAYRQ)
    Actual Hours report                                        (RPUBEN47)

    [....Keep the Source also for future refrences|http://www.sapmaterial.com/list_of_standardreports.html]