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Faktur Pajak solution for Indonesia

Suresh Santhanam
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Dear Friends


I have some issues on the Indonesian legal requirement of issuing a Faktur Pajak, tax invoice along with each commercial invoice.


We are using the standard SAP functionality for the Indonesia Faktur Pajak requirement.


We have a requirement that if a billing document does not have an accounting document, the Faktur Pajak number should not be generated and assigned to the billing document reference field.


We managed to change the function module RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_ADD and user exit function module EXIT_SAPLV60A_001 to stop the generation and assignment of the faktur pajak number when there the posting status of the invoice is not "C".


However, when the invoice is relased to accounting using VF02 or VFX3, the indonesian specific codes nor the above programs are accessed and hence the number range is not assigned to the reference field of the invoice (VBRK-XBLNR).


Does anyone have any experience on the above and let me know how to assign the faktur pajak number while releasing the invoice to accounting ?


Is there any user exit which can access the indonesia Faktur Pajak codes, when we release the invoice document in VFX3 or VF02.


Thanks and Kind Regards

Suresh Santhanam