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SAP Business One EventSender Service

Grimaldo del Solar
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Estimados :

Alguien me puede decir que hace este servicio que se encuentra en el SERVER MANAGER es mas podrian darme algun link donde pueda ver que es lo que hace cada servicio.





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    Jorge Benitez
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    Hola Jesus, encontre alguna informacion, espero sea de tu ayuda:



    The Event Sender is a component that is part of the integration technology; it checks

    the queue from time to time to get new Business One events and sends an HTTP


    request with the event to the integration server. The user can set the time interval to

    check the queue of the event sender. In our case, the event sender will detect a

    newly added message, i.e. the purchase order, then wrap the sales order information

    in an HTTP request and send it to the HTTP adapter of the SAP Business One

    Integration Technology.

    The HTTP Adapter is one of a series of adapters that are part of the integration technology.

    Adapters are the components that translate external information to the standard format

    message required by the integration technology. The Current version provides adapters for

    the DI API, RFC, FILE and HTTP/SOAP. In our case, the HTTP adapter translates HTTP

    requests into a message usable by the integration technology. After the HTTP adapter gets

    the information about a change of the database content, it starts retrieving the complete

    object information, in this case the purchase order, via the DI API.




    SAP Business One Integration Platform (B1IP)

    The B1IP component is now seamlessly installed with SAP Business One Server application. This

    component installs infrastructure for the Payment Engine and Legal List features.

    B1IP installs two new services in the Service Manager: SAP Business One Integration service and

    Event Sender service.



    *License Manager

    Mandatory, manages the application license mechanism.

    See Configuring License Service


    *SBO Backup

    Optional, performs database backups and allows scheduling automatic backups.

    See Configuring Automatic Backups .


    *SBO Mailer

    Optional, enables users to send E-mail and fax messages from SAP Business One.

    For E-mail messages only, you can install this service on the SAP Business One server or on one of

    the workstations. See Configuring Mail Services

    For E-mail and Fax messages, install this service on every workstation that intends to send

    messages. See Configuring Fax Services


    *SBO DI Server

    Optional, enables multi-session access to, and manipulation of, the SAP Business One Company

    database. Requires a special license.

    For more information, see the SDK Help Center.


    *Early Watch Alert

    Optional, enables getting alerts regarding potential system problems before they occur. Requires a

    service contract with SAP.

    See Configuring Early Watch Alert Services


    *SAP Business One Integration Platform

    Mandatory for using Payment Engine and Legal List.

    See SAP Business One Integration Platform



    Mandatory for using Payment Engine and Legal List.

    See SAP Business One Integration Technology