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IDOC status 51 and 52

Ealbert Cuarto
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Hi all,


I have just started learning IDOC and I would like to ask what's the difference between IDOC status 51 and 52. I mean, I know that


51     Application document not posted

52     Application document not fully posted.


But then, I'm not clarified with the words "not fully posted". Does it mean that some contents were posted and some weren't?


Please advise.




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    Vinod Varyani
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    Hi Ealbert,


    Idoc status 52:


    If not all status records could be successfully assigned to the relevant IDocs, then the inbound IDoc has the status 52. It has a yellow status

    Absolutely idocs status 52 shows that some data is not processed.


    Idoc with 52 status occur very often when some objects (Employee data) are processesd and some not when sending data through message tye HRMD_A and HRMD_ABA.


    idocs status 51:


    If none of the IDocs transmitted can be successfully processed, the IDoc has the status 51. It has red status. 51 status idocs can be reprocessed by program RBDMANI2



    Check the following thread.


    Re: IDOC status





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    Krithika Ramachandra Murthy
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    HR IDocs failing in 52 status, needs to be resent until it is posted.

    Normally the order for sending HR IDocs are O,S,P,C

    Select the Idocs, gotto to table EDIDS and collect only the STPA2 & STPA1 parameters.

    First all the Units under the STPA2 should be resent in the order of O,S,P&C

    once posted, proceed with the STPA1 parameters.

    If at any point of time the STAPA2 Parameters of O,S,P & C fail then should be resent again before resending STPA1 parameters.

    Continue the steps till all the parameters are posted.