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Correspondence configuration

suresh patipati
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Dear All,


  Can anyone tell me what is correspondence and how it is configured and how it is tested.



Suresh Patipati.

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    Ravi Sankar Venna
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    Please check your settings in:


    IMG  ==> Financial Accounting ==> Accounts Receivable and payable ==> Customer Accounts ==> Correspondence => Make check settings for correspondence.


    Check all the relevant settings here.





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    Sadashivan Natarajan
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    Following steps will give you an idea for Correspondence configuration for example for Issuing balance confirmation to Vendors/Customers :


    T.Code for Balance Confirmation of Vendors : F.18 and for Vendors F.17.

    Before that you have to make some configurations for assigning the

    relative Correspondence Form to the Report.

    In Financial Accounting - A/R & A/P - Vendor Accounts - Line Items - Correspondence -

    Make and change settings for correspondence

    Use can use Correspondence type SAP10

    Report Program SAP130K for Vendors & SAP130D for Customers

    In Assign program for Correspondence Type Copy SAP10 to assign to

    your Company Code.

    Define Form names for correspondence Print - Click Copy as by choosing SAP130K for Vendors and Assign your Company Code and save. Similarly copy SAP130D for Customers

    Next you have to Define Sender details. Again Copy SAP130K and SAP130D and assign your

    Company Code and Save.

    Now use the T.Codes F.18 and input the Vendor No. Company Code; Give a Reconciliation Key date may be upto last working day of the previous month. Tick Individual Vendors if for only one Vendor

    In the output control use F4 to select for Form Set, Sender details, sort variant for Corr - K3 and

    Line item sorting P3.. Enter the date of issue

    In Print Control by F4 selection give printer Viz.Local



    Hope these steps may help you to complete the settings and take printout.


    All the best.



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    Atul Kumar Gupta
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    please follow the following transactions OB77, OB78 and OB96