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message erro (F5008) launching program RFSUMB00

Umberto Gandalf
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Hi All,


launching batch input for end year postings (program RFSUMB00), SAP gives me the follow message:


Message no. F5008





You want to post via a special G/L indicator which was not maintained

completely in the system. The specification on which reconciliation

account is to be updated in the general ledger is missing.




In system configuration enter a special G/L account corresponding to

reconciliation account A202001040 for account type D and special G/L

indicator W.


Could anyone help me?



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    M Madhu
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    regarding the year-end closing documents generated by RFSUMB00 for

    the reconciliation accounts (which can not be posted directly) your

    first solution approach by creating a dummy vendor account per "normal"

    reconciliation account is the correct procedure (i.e. the normal recon.

    account is assigned in the vendor master data). This means that the

    dummy vendor is used for the closing postings addressed to the normal

    reconciliation account and - by the assignment of the special G/L

    indicator - to the related special reconciliation account.

    In this conjunction please maintian table TABKT by assigning the

    account number which is to be closed/selected in TABKT-SAKNR. If

    TABKT-SAKNR is a "normal" reconciliation account please maintain TABKT

    as follows (example):


    Client Comp.code Account     Acc.type   Supplier   SG/L  Soll Haben

    xxx    xxx     0010222000      D      0010222001        xx   xx


    In case of a special G/L reconciliation account for indicator 'W' the

    entry needs to maintained like this:


    Client Comp.code Account     Acc.type   Supplier   SG/L  Soll Haben

    xxx    xxx      0010222001      D      0010222001  W     xx  


    By maintaining the settings in this way the closing documents will be

    posted correctly as requested.



    Madhu M