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Error:Enter Stor. Location Message no. M7018

krishna reddy
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Hi SD and MM guru's,


when i was doing delivery (Vl02n) after vl10b in STO 4th Sceinario (sto between two plants within a company code), i got this error Enter Stor. Location Message no. M7018


can u please give me the solution....


Thanks & Regards,


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    M. de Zeeuw
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    You can enter the SLOC in the deliveyr in the picking tab. This should normally come from the STO, so it is there missing. If you enter the external procurement storage location in the MRP2 view, it will come over to the STO and delivery.



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    ramanathan raja
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    there are 3 ways to correct this error


    1. Maintain your OVL3 storage location determination settings for the combination of your shipping point, storage conditions and receiving plant


    2. In ME21N itself that is while creating PO itself you need to specify the receiving plant and receiving storage location


    3.Moreover in MMR in the receiving plants organizational data in the MRP2 view procurement tab storage location for EP you can maintain receiving storage location as the master data and if you do this when you create ME21N the receiving storage location is automatically copied in purchase order


    In simple if you do step 3 then no need to do the first two steps