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Aaron E. Song
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Just for my own understanding can anyone give an overview of what SAP CHARM is?

    M Madhu
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    SAP CHARM  :Change Request Management:



    Configuration guide:

    You can obtain the configuration guide for Change Request Management

    from the following link:


           service.sap.com/solutionmanager -> Installation Guides -> Release



    http://help.sap.com/) under SAP Solution Manager.


    This business scenario controls changes in all projects, such as implementation, template or upgrade projects, in a comprehensive workflow. You create and edit change requests, implement changes, and check the status of maintenance activities and implementations. You can perform the change request management activities across systems and components.


    The change control comprises the following measures:


    Quality Gate Management


    Provides a phase-based overview of the status of your software change projects. The project phases end in quality gates. Releasing a quality gate triggers transport into subsequent systems.


    Maintenance Optimizer


    The Maintenance Optimizer suggests relevant product versions and systems for maintenance, based on SAP Solution Manager system landscape data, and leads you theough the steps to download and implement the product maintenance files.


    Automatic distribution of maintenance certificates


    You can give your managed systems maintenance certificates, via the SAP Solution Manager, with a valid maintenance contract. You need the maintenance certificates to download SAP Support Packages with various installation tools.







    Madhu M