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CTI integration (SAP CRM & SAP BCM)

Cheriyan Sam
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After completing integration steps (BCM & CRM), I get to see BCM queue details on CRM when I log-in. But I do not get Ready buttons in active state...it is greyed out. I can not click on 'Ready' button. Any idea ?


Following Settings on CRM IC performed..


  • SM59 for RFC connection (http connection to external server)


  • Define com mgmt software


  • software function profile to CRM business role IC_AGENT








On SAP BCM side, we are able to make internal calls.


Calls work fine with ICI simulator. When I have function profile CONTACTCENTER with SAPCCS (simulator) in business role , I get Ready /Not ready buttons in active mode. But with our communication management software profile, I can not select 'Ready' radio button.


We do get to see BCM queues on screen (bottom right side) with IC_AGENT. Connectivity test is ok. Only 'Ready/Not' ready buttons are greyed out.


It seems something is missing but can not figure out what ?


We are able to make internal calls on BCM. Parameter OII.IgnoreOperDirect on BCM is set as 1.


Pl Guide.


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    Vinod C
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    Hi Sam,


    From my perspective as per your description that the Ready/Not Ready buttons are active when using with ICI simulator, but not when using the CCMS profile, then I guess the CCMS is not updating the status modes properly.


    Probably you can check the same by running the scenario again, with the ICI trance enabled and you can check from the trace, what exactly is being sent from the CCMS back to IC Web regarding the Workmode status ?


    Hope this information helps.


    With Best Regards,

    Vinod C

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    Peter Damgaard
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    Hi Cheriyan Sam


    Did you find a solution to this issue? If not you might want to try out the same thing as I did. I also had problems with inactive buttons, until I activated all services in the following path: Default Host -> SAP -> BC -> BSP -> SAP. Afterward the buttons were active. I have not had the time to find out exactly what service was needed, but I have to because it is not preferable just to activate all services. I am not sure this would help in your case, because the button are active with SIM.


    Best regards,


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    Gabriel Santana
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    Hi Cheriyan,


    Pleae check if your HTTP connection is working fine using button "Test Connection" in transaction SM59. The system must return the the HTTP answer 200. If it fails, you must check the firewall rules of your landscape.


    I had the same problem a few days ago: both radio buttons in context area were not available to be selected.


    I hope it helps.


    Best Regards,

    Gabriel Santana