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Customizing - OBY6

Glenn O
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HI Expert!


In OBY6 Change View "Company Code Global Data": Details I want to activate the "Company code is productive" directly in Production system. This is because in Dev and Q system already activated. But when I change in production system I was prompted for customizing request. If I create a request for it do I need to release it? What is the impact if I do not release it? Why do I need to create a customizing request since the change is directly in production and it does not have any system to transport to?


thank you

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    M Madhu
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    You can maintain the field XPROD without any worry.

    This flag prevents deletion programs from resetting data in this

    company code.


    The field 'Productive' can be set in either transaction OBR3 or OBY6.


    The field 'Productive' is a flag for some deletion programs

    For example the following programs check this flag and return

    an error if this flag is set:


      SAPF019 -> Deleting master data

      SAPF020 -> Reset transaction data

      SAPF023 -> Reset bank data


    This prevents deletion programs from resetting data in a company code

    by mistake. This is the only implication as far as we are aware and SAP

    recommend the flag to be set. If necessary (eg for deletion purposes),

    this can be reversed.


    The recommendation from SAP is that you to set it in all systems.


    The recommendation would be if you wish to have the flag set then to

    set in your development system therefore the flag indicator is picked

    up with every transport from the development system.



    Madhu M