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UPGRADE classic GL to New GL

Sandhya Ameya
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Hi Gurus,

our client wants to upgrade SAP from 4.7 to ECC 6.0 with NEW GL functionlality, could anyone please explain,

1) the things I need to take care of during the initial phase of Project ,

2) Is there any step by step procedure to folllow,

3) The reports which we have in SPL (which we don't want SPL in ECC6.0 and required all the reports to be transferred to New GL, is there any automated way ? or do I need to create all the reports from Scratch? )




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    M Madhu
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    switch over Classic GL to New GL is called project, It is not simple procedure you need to follow the steps.

    above process is called New GL Migration.


    please refer the below note for migration.


    812919 SAP ERP new general ledger: Migration

    To ensure maximum security, SAP supports each migration project with the

    SAP General Ledger Migration migration service. This mandatory technical

    service is based on standard migration scenarios and includes a

    scenario-specific General Ledger Migration Cockpit and service sessions

    to ensure the quality of the data and of the migration project. The

    service sessions are provided by a NewGL migration back office, which

    was specifically set up for this purpose.

    After you commission the service, you are provided with the General

    Ledger Migration Cockpit and the service sessions are delivered after



    The migration service contains the following functions:


    a) General Ledger Migration Cockpit for executing the migration


           - Process tree with scenario-based management by the individual

           activities of the migration


           - Monitor of the migration steps with status management


    b) Remote service session to validate the scenario and analyze the

                                                                      Page 2




           - Possible consistency checks against target Customizing of the

           new general ledger accounting


    c) Remote service session to validate tests


           - Technical validation checks in a test system after a data



      d) Development support by the NewGL migration back office



      For more information about this migration service with a description of

      the migration scenario, a migration guide and other useful information,

      see SAP Service Marketplace at

      If you have any further questions about using this service,


      Note that this service refers exclusively to support for the technical

      migration of the data from the classic to the new general ledger.


      You can also get consulting support for the business concepts and the

      implementation of the new general ledger from your relevant subsidiary

      or from qualified partners.


      The customer is responsible for drawing up the blueprint and the concept

      of the new general ledger including its integration with other

      components, industry-specific and country-specific versions. The

      customer, together with the consultants, must ensure that the

      implementation functions correctly, and is supported by SAP. This check

      is not part of the SAP General Ledger Migration migration service.


      To access the site mentioned above, you require authorization for SAP

      Service Marketplace and an S user ID. Contact your system administrator

      regarding this.





    below note will resolve all your question.


    1070629   FAQs: New General Ledger Migration



    Madhu M